21 Apr

When you have a grilled cheese phiesta, you get to capitalize on the leftover bread that will be in your kitchen.

No complaints here…

This was a very special Phriday, as one of my very special phriends hosted a phabulously awesome afternoon of Bocce-cue for all my staff.

What is Bocce-cue, you ask?

That would be a delightful afternoon of award-winning barbecue and bocce ball on a phancy private court.  Barbecue Joe, the mastermind behind the event, let me snap a quick shot of the massive amounts of meat we devoured that afternoon, before he took it off the grill.

We all contributed side dishes, and I brought chips and dip.  The dip was green chile, made phrom the powder I brought back phrom my recent trip to Santa Fe.  Excellent heat…

The phull meal included ribs, potatoe salad (I tested out a new recipe that wasn’t bad a’tall), roasted veggies, garlic bread and corn souffle (which was phreakishly delicious).

I was nearing a phood coma by the time I cleaned my plate, so I passed on the decadent red velvet and cookies & cream cupcakes that Work BFF brought to the party.

I also stayed phull well past dinner time.  Bocce-Cue, I love you.


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