The Morning After

24 Apr

They say it takes the average person seven to ten times to learn new information.  While I am sure there is a legitimate level of research available to back up this claim, I am willing to use myself as proof that this is not, in phact, the case.

Case in point:

Red wine and I are not phriends.

I have been presented with this concept repeatedly over the years.

I have yet to take this lesson to heart.

Saturday night’s super Tuscan led to an equally delicious bottle of Lone Madrone.  That choice led to breakfast the next morning consisting of the phollowing:

Late in the afternoon, I phinally emerged phrom the bedroom and phound my way to the couch.  A little baseball and a sack o’nuts helped me semi-rejoin the land of the living.

When dinner time rolled around, I used the methodology of “everything is better with bacon”.  I phigured since I still phelt like death run over twice, the bacon could potentially make it all better.

It didn’t.

But a phavorite phamily phrase of ours is: “There’s nothing like the morning after the morning after…”

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