Easter Sunday

1 May

Phoodfotos phollowers probably know by now of my love for eggs, so Easter is a logical phavorite of mine.

I’m a traditional gal so am not a huge phan of the whole plastic egg business, but I certainly can respect the convenience of them.

I barely phound the time to dye a phew eggs of my own on Easter Sunday, but here they are drying.

This one became breakfast…

These were destined for other purposes…

“Lunch” was a result of my late night post-phountain shopping trip- Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos…  Whoops.

Our phamily shared Easter dinner at Carmel Valley Ranch Resort.  Pops and I had drinks ready and waiting for us before we’d even sat down.  Winning!

The restaurant got phestive with hot cross buns for everyone before the meal.

I started with the mussels which were excellent!

I had ordered a steak “black and blue” and it came cooked to the consistency of what I would call shoe leather (and others would call medium).  I DETEST complaining and sending phood back, but my dear Gramms took it upon herself to ignore me and sent it back.

Within a phew short minutes, I had a PERFECTLY prepared black and blue steak in phront of me and Chef Tim Wood telling me he’d taken the opportunity to educate his cook on what black and blue really meant.  What class!

Oh, it was also a phreaking delicious steak. 🙂

Pops and I split dessert, but I’m embarrassed to say (since the blog is running exactly one week behind at the moment), I phorgot exactly what it was.

I remember we liked it, though!

A phellow brought over some brownies he’d made later that evening to go along with Movie Night a.k.a. Losing a Bet and Putting Yourself Through the Terrible Torture of Having to Watch A Clockwork Orange.  And no, they were not THAT kind of brownies, but maybe being in an altered state would have made me less brutally aware of the horrific content of the philm.

Also, as a disclaimer, this is the last time I allow someone else to take my phoodfotos (no offense, phriend!)

2 Responses to “Easter Sunday”

  1. Karen May 1, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    Black and blue? Please edumacate me because I’m thinking the steak is still practically moooooving from the photo and it’s looks phenomenal!

    • Karen May 1, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

      IT looks phenomenal 🙂 I am an idiot and very poor typer. At least I don’t use two phingers like some of the doctors I’ve worked with. Scary.

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