New Restaurant Wednesday

3 May

There’s a new kid in town that goes by the name of XL Grindhouse.  We met him at high noon last Wednesday to phind out what he’s got.

It seems that this odd little guy can’t yet decide if he’s going to grow up to be a Mexican eatery or a competitive eating venue.  Either way, I’m a phan.

Not only are they the only place in Salinas that offers 60 ounce beers, but their phood is great!  I was barely able to snap a shot of the Molcajete before my coworkers dug in- this hot bowl of mixed meats, cheese, nopales, peppers, rice and beans was grubbin’, to say the least!

The Juicy Lucy (a.k.a. a plated heart attack) is not one but TWO grilled cheese sandwiches surrounding a hamburger patty which is also stuffed with cheese… with a side of massive onion rings.  Why wouldn’t I order this!?!

I passed on the onion rings and got through half of the sando, which may very well have saved me from certain cardiac arrest.

Keeping things interesting, Work BFF and I tried another new restaurant for dinner.  Dishes Bistro (in Marina) looks much like a greasy spoon but is a surprisingly quaint Phrench bistro, albeit one adorned with Star Wars and Ghostbusters posters…

Their Phrench onion soup was standard but solid.

The steamers were unexpectedly good, and the Phrench bread that arrived at the table made a perfect match with the buttery, garlicky broth.

I really enjoyed trying two new places in one day, so I’m going to try to make a point of doing that on a weekly basis from here on out.

Any recommendations?


One Response to “New Restaurant Wednesday”

  1. Karen May 3, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

    The juicy lucy looks AMAZING!! I must have one 🙂

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