Noodle Dish, King of All Fatopia

15 May

Sparky had a reward waiting for me when I got back to work on Monday for phinishing my graduate portfolio.

Let it be said that it is not a good thing that I now know these exist.  I put on my big philanthropist pants and gave one chip to each person in the office, but the rest went straight down my gullet pretty darn phast.

For lunch, I went with another coworker (who I’m still working on a nickname for) to Della Rose Deli (which was mentioned in my top ten list that was pheatured in the Weekly last week).

We split a Chipotle Roast Beef Wrap that had roast beef, avocado, peppers, lettuce, tomato and Chipotle sauce in a tomato-basil wrap.  I’d get it with no tomatoes in the phuture, but that’s just me.  Super good!

We also split the B.L.T. & A., partially because everything is better with bacon and partly because I was amused by the name.  I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to phigure out my love for a good gimmick!

(For you non-local phollowers, T & A is the short name for a large agricultural company in the area, and this deli is located in a big ag area of Salinas.  T & A can also stand for, well, you know…)

Work BFF, Sparky and I grabbed dinner at PF Chang’s after doing some shopping for our upcoming Derby party (get excited for that post!)

I had my typical Hot & Sour soup and Work BFF had her typical Chicken Lettuce Wraps, of which I procured one…

I ventured out into the noodle section of the menu.  The concept of becoming intimate with this section of a menu is phairly new to me, as I’ve been a chronic dieter all my life and in the fundamental understanding of all chronic dieters, Noodle Dish is King of all Fatopia (and yes, I just used an F… because fat with a “ph” certainly does not apply in this case).

Since I’ve given up dieting pretty much this year, it’s a whole new world. (Cue the Disney music!)

Now I must say, after all this pomp and circumstance, the Dan Dan Noodles were nothing to celebrate- overly sauced, under phlavored, and definitely lacking the spice for which I was longing.  The cucumbers were a nice addition, however!

Pretty sure it is against American diner etiquette to patronize a Chinese phood restaurant and NOT at least open up the phortune cookie.

And it just leaves a mess for the waiter if you don’t then eat the pieces.

And I would hate to offend.

My phortune said something to the effect of I should be prepared for a significant and exciting career move.

Do we think the cookie speaks the truth?


One Response to “Noodle Dish, King of All Fatopia”

  1. Nikki Lacues May 15, 2011 at 2:28 pm #

    … did you eat your fortune? Don’t forget… it won’t come true unless you eat the paper! haha.

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