From Quaint to Ain’t

21 May

Our insurance agent treated Sparky and me to lunch at The Steinbeck House, a quaint, wonderful little slice of history in Old Salinas on Tuesday.

If you’ve not had the pleasure, I highly recommend making a point to go.  It’s like walking into your grandmother’s house, but now instead of just one, you’ve got four grandmothers who’ve been cooking all day just waiting for you to walk in to be doted on.

Their rolls are baked phresh daily and go wonderfully with whatever soup they are serving that week (the menu is limited but always posted online so you’ll know your options when you make a reservation).

This week was Beef Stroganoff with an interesting almond celery salad alongside.  It definitely transported me to a different time and made for a very enjoyable meal.

When we got back to the office, we got to try a Dutch Easter treat- Caramel Robin Eggs.   These things blow that Cadbury crap completely out of the water!

Keeping with the sugar theme, we then all had a  homemade Birthday Butterscotch Bar (courtesy of The Republican and made in honor of National Butterscotch Bar Day).  It was a  delicious diabetic’s nightmare…

Work BFF and I decided to move New Restaurant Wednesday to Tuesday this week and ventured into The Loose Noodle on Lighthouse Ave in Monterey.

It might not have been so painfully awkward if there were more than phour diners in the place (two of which were us) and if we had shared a common language with the waiter.  Sadly, neither were the case which proved rather interesting when I was served a glass of white zinfandel instead of the sauvignon blanc I ordered.

I hate when I mix those two up!

The “Cream of Broccoli Soup” was actually Broccoli Cheddar Soup, and if it didn’t come directly out of the can, Cambell’s Condensed has strong grounds for a lawsuit regarding a stolen recipe… just sayin’…

The Vegetarian Lasagna was quite hearty with lots of phresh veggies.  If it had been served hot (or at least warm), I am very sure it would have been delicious.   I guess the kitchen was busy serving the many other guests in the restaurant?

The intentions of the two waiters seemed good, but I do not think we shall be getting loose at the Noodle again anytime soon.

So far the New Restaurant Day project is bombing.

Any suggestions for me, phollowers?


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