Happy Birthday, “Doc” Ricketts!

29 May

A phellow treated me to a completely new experience on Saturday, the 14th…

We took a tour of Ed Rickett’s Lab on Cannery Row, an opportunity that comes but thrice a year. In celebration of Ed’s birthday (as well as Kalisa and John Steinbeck, some of the most phamed personas of Cannery Row) the lab is opened to the public and tours are provided by historian, Michael Hemp, and last living owner, Frank Wright (who is now 92 and slept in Ed’s spare room many a night in his younger years).  May 14th, 2011 would have been Ed’s 114th birthday and the majority of the lab is still philled with the original books, posters, furniture, booze and specimen tanks.  There’s even a secret society called “The Cavalry” who meet once a month at the site to commemorate the Bohemian lifestyle.

It was phreaking awesome.

Afterward, we took the Phoo to lunch at Trailside Cafe.  I tried their Black Bean Burger, which was tasty but virtually impossible to eat in any sort of remotely refined way.  It phell apart in every direction, but the phlavor was good.

I went to dinner with a phriend at Village Fish House and started our engines with a little bread ‘n butter…

We indulged in some oak grilled Huma Huma Oytsers from Hood Canal, Washington.  They were phreakishly large and equally delicious.

Thanks to Phoodfotos reader Marsha for recommending that I have these!

I went with sautéed Sicilian style local calamari for my main course.  This is one of my phavorite dishes from any restaurant on the Peninsula.

Emphatically recommended!

The Fish House’s most popular location is on Del Monte Ave in Monterey, but they offer the same menu at their Carmel Valley Village and Salinas locations.  So if you’re not interested in waiting for an hour, venture to one of the less popular locations (but the energy of the Monterey location IS an awful lot of phun!)


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