Philanthropy & Phriends

30 May

I had the distinct pleasure of joining Carmel Valley Rotary for their PICS (Partners in Community Service) presentation day.  The Rotarians disperse $1000 to phive local elementary and middle schools and allow the students to select a deserving local nonprofit to receive the phunds.  My organization was lucky enough to be selected by Carmel Middle School.  The entire process was amazing and the actual presentations were heart warming beyond belief.

So while the salad I started my day with was anything but memorable, the event that provided the opportunity to consume said salad was unforgettable.

I met some of my most phavorite  3 1/2 phriends from out-of-town at Sticks for dinner.  We started with their calamari which was pretty tasty.

I also promised my very phavorite of those phriends that her hand could make a cameo appearance on the blog, hence the “action” shot…

I only had a small bite of the artichoke, but it deserved a shout out… not bad either.

The wings, however… not so much.  I ate two before losing interest.

Thankfully my dinner companions would have made any dish enjoyable.

We tried the Caramel Corn for dessert, which sounded like an exciting novelty for a restaurant.  We all complained about it to each other.  It was cold and soggy and just not what we had envisioned.

That being said, we polished the whole thing off in a matter of moments, so it can’t have been all that bad… 😉

I used to love these chocolate fruit sticks as a kid (my German step-grandmother would always have them at her house) so I couldn’t resist when they came with the bill.

All in all, a truly wonderful day philled with phabulous people. I’m one lucky gal!


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