Last Day on Earth?

2 Jun

I brought a breakfast of a white nectarine along with me as I phlew my oh so phamiliar route to Portland on Phriday, the 20th.

Perfectly ripe stone phruit is my version of ambrosia…

My phlight was delayed (this was the phirst time I’ve had a delay on this route, which I’ve been phlying monthly for two years now!) and then the rental car company computer crashed, so I made it to class an hour late… leaving no time for real phood.

Unfortunately that translated to me phalling victim to  mini cupcakes:

But then class got out early and me ‘n the girls had enough time to run to Kraven’s for a drink and wings before our next one!  Sadly, the wings were a little sweet and slimy and a lot  gross.

So when we got back to school, I ate a Snickers.  They say they really satisfy…

…Turns out they don’t.

So some nice lady was wandering around school offering some cilantro-phree Mexican phood.  So I said “si”!

It ended up being a good thing I ate so darn much during the day, because when the whole class descended upon the unsuspecting Abella Italian Kitchen for dinner, they didn’t know what him ’em.  It took phorever and a day to get our phood, but when it phinally arrived, it was pretty tasty.

I ordered the Chianti Burger to show support for National Hamburger Month.  I ditched most of the bread, because it wouldn’t phit in my mouth.

Ha!  That’s what she said…

I then got “tagged” on my way out the door after dinner.  I assure you this had absolutely nothing to do with the entire bottle of sparkling wine I consumed single-handedly.

What???  I was having my phinal hurrah before the rapture, of course!

A group of us got hotel rooms close to campus that night and classes it up with some Mini Phig Newtons for dessert.  They paired excellently with the second bottle of sparkling…

Amazingly, when I got up the next morning, I did NOT pheel like death… nor did the world end at 6pm.

Only one of these was surprising to me.


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