Jemrose Wine Dinner

16 Jun

Ok, phollowers, I dropped off the phace of the Earth for a bit there.

My apologies…

I started May 24th off with some absolutely deeeelicious leftover chicken and noodles.  I had brought it with lunch intentions but my will power only lasted until 11, thus it became breakfast.

For lunch, Hard Hat made me a tasty cheese quesadilla that I graced with ample amounts of Tapatio.

Work BBF’s brainchild- the pancake and bacon mini-cupcake- was an unexpected late afternoon snack.

Not so sure I’d have one again, but the concept was awesome.

Jimmy Crue got the distinct pleasure of joining me for the Jemrose Wine Dinner at Bistro Moulin.

We started with an amazing Crayfish Bisque with phennel phondue and a glass of 2009 Egret Pond Viognier.

We then moved on to a Rabbit Roulade (which was a phirst for me) paired with a 2008 Foggy Knoll Grenache.

Ph-ing awesome.

May 24th also happens to be National Escargot Day, so imagine my delight when I dined on escargot-stuffed bone marrow (also a phirst for me)!  It sort of blew my mind.  The 2009 Cardiac Hill Syrah was tasty, too.

The hanger steak was perfectly cooked and the vegetable tian accented it beautifully, as did the 2008 Gloria’s Gem Proprietary Red.

I may claim to not be much of a dessert person, but if all desserts tasted as good as Chef Didier’s Poached Pear in red wine syrup and Tahitian vanilla ice cream, I’d be singing a different tune.

A VERY special thank you/shout out to Bistro Moulin’s ever lovely Wine Director for allowing me to borrow all of her fotos from the evening.  I had a minor camera malfunction, and she most certainly saved the day!

Can’t wait for the next one…


2 Responses to “Jemrose Wine Dinner”

  1. Karen June 16, 2011 at 7:21 pm #

    Finally!!!! Hi my name is Karen and I’m a phoodfotos-aholic.

    • phabulousness June 17, 2011 at 9:05 am #

      Hi Karen!
      We here at phoodfotos phell off the wagon for a bit there.
      Will you be our sponsor to help us stay on track?

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