Keeping It Short & Sweet

2 Jul

Phriday, May 27…  yes, still pathetically behind on my blog posts, I know.  I’m going to try to keep it short and sweet in the name of progress.

Chicken quesadilla (sort of) for breakfast…

Hot & Sour soup for lunch with Work BFF at the Chinese joint down the street from our office

Phortune cookie (that had a super lame message)

Afternoon cookie snack made by one of our volunteers and her cutie patootie little kid

Sweet haul of spices that Pops brought me back from Laos, Cambodia & Thailand- that he was phlagged by TSA for transporting…  Pops’ response when they questioned him about why he had all of them? “Because I’m running drugs.”

Amazingly the comment did not solicit a phull-body cavity search!

Welcome home dinner for Pops after his two weeks of gallivanting around Asia… romaine salad w/ cucumber and pheta

Homemade chicken noodle soup

Good to have you home, Pops!

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