7 Jul

Hello phollowers!

Just wanted to say hey, and that yes, I know how lame I am for not posting regularly and getting so behind.  I have a myriad of excuses available to me…

Take your pick:

1.   I was abducted by a rabid octopus and held captive in an abandoned typewriter phactory.

2.  I took a luxurious trip to Molokai and contracted leprosy, rendering my hands unable to write my posts.

3. My laptop power cord went the way of the dodo bird, and I am so deeply offended that a new cord is going to cost me a whopping $85, I have been holding out hoping the Apple phaeries will grace me with a new one for phree.

4.  I just suck.

So there you have it.

Until I remedy my situation, my phoodfotos are trapped in my dead laptop.

It is all quite sad, really.

And yes, I really am this cheap…


One Response to “Update”

  1. Karen Wang July 7, 2011 at 1:43 pm #


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