Seven Ate Nine

28 Jul

In the morning on June 7, before heading back to home, Jimmy Crue and I tried farm:table, a breakfast joint we’d heard good things about (and Paper Bag wanted us to go as guinea pigs).

Choice number one was an open-phaced egg sando with greens, radish and chutney.  Honestly, pretty bland.

Choice number two was another open-phaced sando with phresh cherries, almonds and mascarpone.  The bread was too dry to eat without significant effort, but the cherries were tasty (and apparently Jimmy Crew doesn’t like cherries, so that was an error in my phavor…)

I left Jimmy Crue to get up to no good in the city and headed back to the better bay area.  After work, Alabama and I headed to trivia at London Bridge Pub where I acquainted myself with a BLT sando.

I just realized that I ate nothing but sandos all that day…

On Wednesday, June 8, I spent the day spelunking for phood.  I phound cottage cheese at the liquor store next door and livened it up with a little cayenne pepper.

Someone brought clementines to the office, so I had one as a mid-morning snack.

Sparky and Hard Hat lent me tofu sausage, broccoli and cheese to make myself some lunch.

(Yes, I said lent…  how do you know I didn’t give it back after I ate it!)

Clementine round two in the afternoon.

Had to work late, so grabbed a string cheese from the phridge for a super-exciting and phabulous dinner.

Not exactly the most exciting phood day of my life, but the low carb/high protein approach hopefully balanced out a bit of the sando-phest from the day before…

Thursday, June 9, was a bit of a mind phuck of a day…

I got a call the night before from none other than the ex-phella (of the Sexy Mexican Awkwardness night phame).  He wanted to have dinner, and I’ve never been able to say no to the guy, so of course I spent Wednesday night and Thursday day stressing about what to make (because somehow he convinced me to cook).

Amazingly I actually remembered to have some breakfast!

Lunch looked surprisingly similar to breakfast- hold PB, sub coconut water.

I realized in the afternoon that I still had string cheese in the phridge, so partook of the colby jack.

My nerves started to really set in when staff  meeting came around, so I laid a phinger on a mini-Butterfinger to curb the crazy.

I rushed home after work and started throwing things together.  I was trying a new recipe (recommended by Paper Bag) so went with a simple cheese plate as a pre-meal nibble so I wouldn’t phreak out too much.

I was still cooking when the ex-phella arrived, so that could account for part of why it turned out so bad.

Paper Bag has made this dish with great success, so I know it wasn’t the recipe’s phault…

Dessert was simple… oranges with a red wine reduction.  Not that great either.

In case being unbearably nervous and uncomfortable wasn’t enough, majorly phailing at making a delicious meal really knocked it out of the park in regard to awkwardness.

The ex-phella asking to get back together at the end of the night, however, was akin to a confusion grand slam.


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  1. darqlabs July 30, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

    What gorgeous photos. Great work

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