Yes, I Realize I am Almost Two Months Behind…

11 Aug

After a rousing evening of phun in the ER, I started my morning with one overwhelmingly lucky, significantly sore and amusingly doped up on pain medication ex-phella in my house and a bowl of greek yogurt with jam.

It was my organization’s annual golf tournament, so I ran around doing errands and missed the phancy lunch at Pasadera.  I pilfered half a cookie as I headed back to the office.

I phound sunflower seeds in my desk and made that my afternoon snack…

I then headed to Siamese Bay with Alabama for some Larb Kai…

…some Pad Thai…

…and whatever this was that I ordered on accident…

…which I didn’t exactly love but wasn’t bad.  The rest was delectable as per usual.

The rest reinvented itself as the next day’s lunch.  Combined with some cayenne pepper, it was much more enjoyable (for me, at least… the girl who is 99% sure she  phried her taste buds off years ago…)

After work, I picked up the ex-phella and dragged him along to trivia with me (ok, yes, there was very little dragging involved because A. he loves and knows more trivia than I do and B. you can’t really drag someone with a separated shoulder without severe consequences.)

I had yet another grilled cheese at London Bridge Pub during trivia… and vowed it would be my last.

We then celebrated’s birthday with a decadent phruity cake…

I must admit that much to my embarrassment, by writing this post, I realize that I am STILL in possession of Miss’s birthday present- now almost two months late.  I should win some sort of phriendship award for that… and not the good kind!


One Response to “Yes, I Realize I am Almost Two Months Behind…”

  1. Emad August 12, 2011 at 2:12 am #

    Nice photos !

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