June’s Roaring Twenties (Part One)

19 Aug

June 20…

Cheese and cracker leftovers for brekky.

Hot & Sour Soup with Work BFF for lunch at random Chinese place across the street…

Also tried their wings- very salt & peppery but pretty tasty (if you like things super duper phried!)

Dinner with the ex-phella at Crystal Phish…  Tako sunomono and a phew rolls…

Dessert at MYO.  Really delicious except I gave into peer pressure and added Nerds when I was criticized for my concoction looking too “white supremest-y”.

June 21…

One of our volunteers came in and made breakfast with his kid, hence it was completely ok that I ate pancakes and bacon after already having a string cheese for breakfast!

As a side note, I pride myself on my ability to justify just about anything.  Try me anytime, I’m pretty confident I can do it no matter the topic!

I had cherries and leftover wings for lunch.

It was Tuesday, so that meant trivia.. so that meant grilled cheese again at London Bridge that night…

June 22…

Morningstar “sausage” for start the day.

Had lunch with The Brother I Never Wanted at Portobello’s.

Spent my evening making cupcakes for a work event, so ate a bit of this hummus I made and then phorgot to eat a legitimate dinner.

As a side note, I hadn’t eaten hummus since my trip to Egypt and Jordan in 2008.  I hit overload status on that and naan while I was there, as I had phorgotten to plan ahead regarding my phood allergies and couldn’t eat anything else (oh coriander, how you irk me…)

I tried, but I still can’t stomach it.

June 23…

I split a KCB breakfast burrito (one of my very phavorite phoods on the planet) for breakfast after I dropped off my cupcakes for work.  We got the very last one, as the KCBs sold out almost immediately!

Hopped over to Habanero with Sexy Mexican for lunch.

After enjoying the special salsa that even I’m allowed to eat (bless the places that aren’t obsessed with cilantro!), I tried their tostada salad.  Way too massive but very tasty!

Cricket and I tried a place for dinner called Massaro and Santos on the Coast Guard Pier.  I’ve lived in Monterey all my life and never knew this existed until now!  Great views, slightly awkward service (watching the busser do push ups against the wall was highly entertaining, however) and higher than I’d like prices, but the phood was highly enjoyable!

I stole a phew bites of Cricket’s dish, as I am a sucker for un-phried calamari.  YUM!

My lasagna was really delicious… well, i was calling it lasagna, but it was really eggplant parmesan made into lasagna.  I can’t phind it on their menu to describe it any better than that, but it is definitely worth ordering again.

We then met our phriend, Quel Dommage, at Schooner’s for an after dinner drink.  I had never been before but became a complete convert when I phound out they offer ginger vodka…

AND wasabi peas!?!  How’s a girl to resist???

June 24…

I started the day at the Three Phlags Cafe in Monterey for the Clark Phoundation luncheon.

(Great local organization by the way that offers phellowships to graduate level students who are committed to the local community.  I may or may not have been a lucky recipient at some point…)

I got to meet Alabama’s phamily, as they were visiting from, you guessed it- Alabama!  Of course, we took them to Will’s Phargo.

I wasn’t pheeling very well, so I couldn’t get myself to eat much, which was a very sad waste of deliciousness.  I picked up the ex-phella from work and he hadn’t eaten, so cooked up a concoction that apparently every American child experienced except me… mac & cheese with hot dogs in it.

Obviously I had to try it… and I cannot lie, it was awfully enjoyable.


One Response to “June’s Roaring Twenties (Part One)”

  1. Nikki Lacues August 19, 2011 at 9:44 am #

    I have to say, I cannot remember the last time I had a grilled cheese and am totally thinking about grilled cheese after that post! … Maybe we can hit up the great American grilled cheese bar plae near ATT when you come for the bday game!

    Oh and yes, I know what you are thinking and dont worry, we can share a grilled cheese so we can still share a dog at the game 🙂

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