July 5,6,7

21 Aug

July Phifth started with some corn I made in the microwave and opened too quickly and burnt the crapola out of my hand.

I comforted myself with another one of the most amazing cookies in the world.

Work BFF and another coworker and I had lunch at Monterey Coast Brewing Company.

I tried their new Greek Salad- huge and pretty tasty.

The office got phrozen yogurt in the afternoon.  I had blueberry with grape nuts.

I met The Republican for a Han Solo martini and a roasted garlic and cheese plate at Pajaro Street Wine Bar.

The ex-phella and I went to trivia but were sick of the menu options at the pub.  So we stopped at Safeway after and got a bunch of yummy nibbles and ate them on the couch while watching a movie.

On July 6, the office got take out from Salinas City BBQ.

I tried the Chicken Salad for the phirst time- enjoyable, as is everything on their menu I’ve has thus phar.

I snagged a phorkful of potatoe salad from Sparky.  Yum, Yum. Yum.

I met my mother for dinner at Sea Harvest and had calamari & veggies.

We stopped in at MYO afterward for dessert.  I must say, the tart pink grapefruit candy topping was a tasty addition!

July 7 started with some bacon…

… which led in well to the nutrition presentation we had at the office over the lunch hour (during which they also provided lunch).

I went to Georgia’s house for dinner and enjoyed some more southern hospitality- in the phorm of phried pork chops and phried okra.

So much for the effectiveness of that nutrition presentation, eh? 😉


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