July Phourth

21 Aug

Big BBQ at Pops’ house for the phourth…

I phelt very Martha-esque with my phancy phestive salad!

And no get together can be without deviled eggs, of course.

Sausage bite.

The ex-phella’s Blueberry Basil Lemonade- phabulous!

The Brother I Never Wanted, the ex-phella and I all brought the hottest hot sauces we could phind for a wing-off!

(Please note that mine comes in a protective box with warning labels.)

Wings, Batch One (great phlavor and not too spicy).  I ate two.

Wings, Batch Two (painfully hot… I drooled like a teething baby after just one)

By the time the drooling was under control after one of Batch Two’s wings, these had disappeared… so nobody ended up trying these ones… probably a good thing!

My plate…

…make that plates

The most amazing cookies in the world.  I had two.

We roasted s’mores over the phire… I made mine open-phaced.

Somehow, I was hungry later that evening and I ate two of the phingerling potatoes I’d made two days before and ate a phew breadsticks.  The cheese was phoul, so I dumped it and replaced it with some brie.

Apparently my Independence Day revolved around independence from a small waistline.


One Response to “July Phourth”

  1. Erika August 22, 2011 at 9:06 am #

    Aww that was so much fun and your Martha salad was definitely the highlight, in my opinion!!

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