“The Pham” Goes to SF!

22 Aug

July 9 was the stage for a college “Pham” reunion in SF.  I got up early and had a bite of macaroni salad (leftover from the party the night before) so I could take some Excedrin to combat my massive headache.  Nothing can prevent a Pham reunion!

We started at The Tipsy Pig for brunch…

The summer polenta soup was pretty unexpectedly wonderful.

We sampled both their sweet potatoe phries…

…and their regular phries (both were delicious)!

The goat cheese and egg scramble with beans and prosciutto was pretty great as well.

We went to Radius for dinner- a place I’d been wanting to try since it opened.

I’d like to recount all of the delicious things we ate, but honestly, I was having too much phun to remember to write anything down and my Alzheimer’s is running rampant.  So just take my word that anything you order here will most likely be delicious, will definitely be locally sourced and is an excellent dining option in the city.

Snow White (one of the members of The Pham) actually got me to eat a raw oyster… no small pheat!

The shaved summer salad was amazing.

Do you see that bone marrow?  Holy heck, this was decadently divine!

This was a bite of something I stole.

This was a milkshake… and it was milkshake-tastic!

And a lovely cheese board to phinish off the pheast!

Afterward, we headed to Bloodhound for cocktails until my stomach issues got the best of me and sent me home.

Still an unbelievably wonderful day with some of my most phavorite pholks alive.

The morning of the 10th, Paper Bag, Dainty and I had breakfast at Mo’s in North Beach.

I had Eggs Phlorentine and stole a piece of bacon and some potatoes.

I stopped at Cricket’s house on my way home to drop a phew things off.  Little did I know I was walking into the throes of impromptu party planning.  A phew hours, a quick trip to the store and a little creativity later, we were entertaining.

I picked up dolmas at the store to tide me over while we prepped everything.

Once the party started, I made sure to sample some of what we made…

I was exhausted by the time I got home, so dinner didn’t happen.


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