July 11, 12, 13, 14

27 Aug

So I’ll cut the crap and throw some honesty into the mix.

He stopped being the ex-phella and reclaimed his phella status almost the moment he came back into the picture…  thus a partial excuse for my continued downward spiral of delayed blog posts…  So now you know  (although I’m pretty sure everyone had already connected the dots).

Back to the phood!

July 11 breakfast- PB on toast

Soup and broccoli salad at Portobello’s for lunch

Chips at The Whole Enchilada in Moss Landing (dinner with the Phella and my phavorite aunties)

Cucumber Margarita

Castroville Tostada

July 12- Raspberries

Roasted Corn, Onion, Pheta, Avocado & Basil Salad

Taco’s Choice Sweet Potatoe Phries

Phish Tacos

More Grilled Cheese at London Bridge Pub

July 13- String Cheese


The Phella and I enjoyed an impromptu night away in Cambria and tried Robin’s for dinner.

Pickled Market Vegetables (most delicious shiitake mushrooms I have ever had in my life- hands down)


“Borrowed” a bite of his steak

Made a sizable dent in my lasagna

July 14- Started with a delicious breakfast in the gardens at Cambria Pines Lodge (included in the price of our stay and very enjoyable!)

I had to head back to work in the early afternoon, so made myself another BLC for lunch.

I had a quick mug of Phrench Onion soup (Campbell’s from a can from the liquor store next door) in honor of Bastille Day… I’d have much rather been celebrating at Bistro Moulin!

After work, I met Georgia for a late dinner at Casa Sorrento.  We tried their wings (not good enough to order again) and a pizza (which was quite yummy).

Good times…


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