1 Oct

Well September was nothing short of a phreaking whirlwind of craziness!

My last day of work was Aug 31, and the movers shower up at 8am on Sept 1 to pack up my house and move it to Davis, CA.  I don’t start my new job in Davis until Oct 3, so I’ve had time to move in, phreak out, take a phew trips and have just a wee bit of phun.

I am breaking up my posts (while stealing internet like a mad woman because I still don’t have it set up at my new pad) into a phew different blocks.

The phollowing includes Sept 1 through Sept 5…

I enjoyed the rest of my KCB with some self-proclaimed phucking hot wing sauce.  It wasn’t very hot, but it was very delicious.

I polished off the last of what was in my phreezer.

(I donated the rest to phriends and phollowers…)

When I arrived in Davis, The Phella surprised me with a homemade dinner!  Avocado & Cucumber Salad with roasted corn (which he cut off the cob for me because I have a strong- and yes, I realize rather irrational- phear of my teeth phalling out if I were to ever bite into corn while still on the cob), perfectly grilled steaks and a bottle of bubbles!

On the Sept 2, I stopped by Starbucks on my way to my house to greet the movers…

I picked up a soy latte and a turkey bacon breakfast sando (as well as a lunchbox).

I was quite pleasantly surprised by how tasty the tuna lunchbox was… but I may have just been delirious due to the moving insanity.

The Phella and I went to dinner at what is quickly becoming my phavorite spot in Davis- Taste of Thai.  We had two different dishes- both great.

On Sept 3, to prevent any possibility of pheeling at all settled or unstressed, we hopped in the car and drove to Oregon- Crater Lake specifically- and met some phriends for the Labor Day Weekend.

I ate an incredibly bad granola bar during the drive.  I picked the phlavor, so it was partially my phault, but ph you, Kashi.  Your dark chocolate cherry granola bars are crap… no offense. 🙂

When we got to the rental house, I tucked into this little bag of deliciousness.

Highly recommend trying these if you’re a buffalo wing enthusiast like myself!

We lounged around in the earlyafternoon and that included a slice of cantaloupe and a cherum (hybrid between a cherry and a plum)…

Cantaloupe = good

Cherum = not so much

We got the insider’s scoop of the hottest local attraction in the Agency Lake area… Train Mountain.  So to Train Mountain we went, and while our phriends took wild rides on the crazy train, we people watched (which was epic) and ate this very sad grilled cheese on rye.  It was literally made with a single Kraft American single.  Mmmm… plastic cheese!

We then headed to Klamath Phalls, where we descended upon the boyfriend of a phriend I’ve never met (that’s not weird, right?) to use him for his television to watch the Ducks game.

Lucky me.

Redeeming parts of the evening?  The game ending… and some tasty nachos. 🙂

The phriends we vacationed with are vegetarians.  I, being more of the persuasion of the phamily in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, do not understand people who “don’t eat no meat”… so when we got home, I had a carnivorous snack.

Sept 4 was Crater Lake Day.

I was pheeling a bit rough that morning, so while this lovely plate of phood The Phella made for breakfast looked delicious, I managed to eat a phew bites of the Phrench toast and nothing more. 😦

I nibbled on a carrot during our car ride that I had picked up at the Pharmers Market in Klamath Phalls the day before.  Quite tasty and put me a little bit further down the path to rejoin the land of the living.

After the visitor center and wildflower trail, we decided to take a legit hike down to the Crater Lake basin.  I powered up with another Kashi granola bar- not so great either, but leaps and bounds better than the crap phlavor I had tried the day before.

Sorry, Kashi, but I am still not impressed.  Maybe if I was a hamster I would like your product?   …Maybe.

The hike was hot, steep and awesome.  I was still hurting, but The Phella coached me through every step of the way, and the view was remarkable.

Back at the top, we phound a shady spot and had PB&J sandos and cherums.

…and a phew crackers…

…and some cheese and nuts I picked up at the welcome center.

My omnivore ways dictated more prosciutto and phig when we got home.

The Phella and I made dinner.  He phried up some tofu and red rice, and I roasted my phamous Brussel sprouts.  YUM.

Sept 5 was head back to reality day.

The boys cooked up a tasty breakfast before we headed our separate ways…

I chopped up the only carrot that survived an icy demise from the Phreezing Phridge of Death at the rental house.

On the long drive home, I broke down and ate another one of my phavorite granola bars (have I mentioned they suck?) somewhere around Mt. Shasta.

Once back in Davis, The Phella and I tried Village Pizza & Grill.  Cute converted house with a wraparound (and dog phriendly) patio with tasty pizzas.

I will definitely be returning to try their other menu items.

We then headed back to my new place…  Reality set in as I surveyed the chaos of boxes crammed into an itsy bitsy house, and I promptly started to cry.  So I went back to The Phella’s house and decided to ignore it until the next day.


2 Responses to “Laborious”

  1. Paper Bag- RSP October 1, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

    Can you please stop making me want grilled cheese?!

    • phabulousness October 1, 2011 at 3:37 pm #

      Trust me, although the experience around this particular grilled cheese was wonderfully entertaining, you shouldn’t be envious of this one!

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