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A December to Remember, Part Two… and thus, my resolution is made good!

31 Jan

When I click publish, my 2011 resolution will officially be complete!  Literally every morsel of phood I ate (well, every bite over 20 calories, that is… had to draw the line somewhere since I assumed nobody wanted to see pictures of gum) photo-documented for the world to see… What an experience.

I will never phorget the pheel of eyes boring holes in my back as I whipped out a massive camera to take shots of tortilla chips and pizza buffets, the endless barrage of questions from those who were convinced I was a super secret phood critic and the terrifying realization that I am wholeheartedly, undeniably, and quite possibly harmfully obsessed with pizza and chicken wings.  Coming to a close has a weird pheeling, but since I received a resounding response to continue the phood fotos madness, I am going nowhere.  Lucky you!

So with that being said (or typed), here’s the last of it…  The dates get a bit wonky somewhere around day three of The Phella and my cruise to Mexico, but the content is there.  I think we’ll survive.  Moral of the story- I ate my weight in pizza and phrozen yogurt and racked up quite a hefty tab at the specialty steakhouse onboard.  I’d expect nothing less from myself, of course!

What better way to end my year of phood ridiculousness, I say.

Tomorrow is day one of The Bridesmaid’s Diet, which won the polls for the phirst diet to try in 2012.  Wish me luck, as it is a diet I’ve made up… and while you might think that a masters degree would qualify me to create something like this, might I remind you that my degrees are in communication, African music and adult education.  So I’ve got that going for me… which is nice.

A December to Remember, Part One

31 Jan

I will make good on my commitment and phinish my documentation of 2011.

Just you watch.


Come Hell, high water or yet another technological barrier posed by one laptop with no memory left and the other with no iPhoto on it.

It’s a thrilling life I lead, I tell you.  Thrilling.

So here’s December 1 to December 15.  It included some dinners out in Davis (Ding How and Taste of Thai), a bit of pseudo-baking by yours truly (I included pictures even though I didn’t sample any of my efforts- I was personally most proud of the “Eggs & Bacon” inspired by Pinterest), a trip home to Carmel (my phirst visit back since I moved- including visits to Grasing’s, Will’s Phargo, Cantinetta Luca, Jeffrey’s, and Rio Grill… not bad for a two day visit, eh?) and some early holiday celebrating both home and away.

Again… thrilling, I know.  Try to contain yourselves…

November Ketchup

24 Jan

No, this is not a special seasonal artisanal ketchup recipe post… although I am sure many lovely posts that meet that description do exist somewhere out there.  This, however, is not one of them.  This is simply a lazy blogger making good on her commitments, despite her tardiness. So here’s the rest of November, pholks.  December coming soon!  I apologize for the delay but the new laptop lacks iPhoto at the moment, making it very non-helpful in regard to my blogging pursuits.  Such is life.  All will be well eventually.  That’s a deep thought.  I need sleep… or more caffeine.

P.S.  The poll is getting great responses, so thank you all!  Thus phar, the phront runners for my diet explorations this year are the Mediterranean Diet and the 100 Mile Radius, phollowed closely by Paleo.  There is still time to vote (the polls will close this Phriday) so please take a moment to give me your two cents… because Lord knows I am incapable of making decisions on my own.  Just ask The Phella… or maybe don’t.  It’s a bit of a sticking point between us, well, anytime we need to decide something.  So just save me the trouble and vote. Thank ya kindly!

P.P.S.  It’s been so bloody long since Thanksgiving (if they gave out lame blogger awards, do you think I’d be in the running?  Please say yes!) that it almost seems silly to mention, but I hosted this year, sans oven, and it was a great success!  Two turkeys- one deep phried and the other grilled on the BBQ amidst a sea of bubbling Crock Pots.  It was a beautiful thing for an oven-less girl like me.  Oven Schmoven, I say!  Thanks for listening.  Just needed to toot my own horn for a moment.  🙂

October 29 to November 4 (commentary phree)

15 Dec

My laptop, probably due to pheeling overwhelmingly phull after almost an entire year of phood fotos, has decided to go through its death throes.  So the next phew posts will be spartan, at best… just the phood, none of my babble.

Not to worry, I will work this out.  I am a technological wizard.  Except the opposite.  But whatever…

July Phourth

21 Aug

Big BBQ at Pops’ house for the phourth…

I phelt very Martha-esque with my phancy phestive salad!

And no get together can be without deviled eggs, of course.

Sausage bite.

The ex-phella’s Blueberry Basil Lemonade- phabulous!

The Brother I Never Wanted, the ex-phella and I all brought the hottest hot sauces we could phind for a wing-off!

(Please note that mine comes in a protective box with warning labels.)

Wings, Batch One (great phlavor and not too spicy).  I ate two.

Wings, Batch Two (painfully hot… I drooled like a teething baby after just one)

By the time the drooling was under control after one of Batch Two’s wings, these had disappeared… so nobody ended up trying these ones… probably a good thing!

My plate…

…make that plates

The most amazing cookies in the world.  I had two.

We roasted s’mores over the phire… I made mine open-phaced.

Somehow, I was hungry later that evening and I ate two of the phingerling potatoes I’d made two days before and ate a phew breadsticks.  The cheese was phoul, so I dumped it and replaced it with some brie.

Apparently my Independence Day revolved around independence from a small waistline.

Phather’s Day

14 Aug

I got a bit of a late start to my Sunday after Mrs. Olive Bedlam had reared her phearsome head the past evening… peanut butter crackers and some goat’s milk got me back on track.

I got to work making a spread for dinner, as it was Phather’s Day, so I was hosting my Pops, Gramms, her boyfriend, Jack Attack, my friend, Cricket, and Alabama.

No phamily celebration is complete without deviled eggs- and I got all phancy this time and piped the mixture into the whites.  I phelt very “Martha”.

We munched on cabernet-soaked cheese, crackers and cherries before dinner.

Dinner was an assortment of steaks (I selected top sirloin myself), grilled artichokes and twice-baked potatoes (which I also got phancy with and piped the philling for…)

My Pops’ phavorite candy is Heath Bar, and my Gramms’ phavorite dessert is an ice cream sundae, hence Heath Bar ice cream sundaes for everyone for dessert!  Very simple but INCREDIBLY well received.  I even ate all of mine- and as most of you know, I pretty much hate dessert…

Phun phamily phestivities for Phather’s Day. 🙂

Blogger Phail

21 Jul

Epic phail in the blogging department.  I am admitting my lamentable lameness and hoping to make amends with all of my phabulous phollowers who have sent encouraging/chastising/threatening emails regarding my hiatus.  You are all right in your own ways, and I am inspired by your phervent support of my little project.

I agree, it is pushing the envelope of pathetic-ness to be posting phood I enjoyed months ago, so I will try my very best to catch up week by week in the next phew posts.  Keep the scathing email threats coming though, so I don’t lose phocus! 🙂

Ok, here goes…

Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day)

Enjoyed an incredibly phabulous late breakfast with The Original and Alabama at Toast in Carmel Valley.  Alabama shared some of his Eggs Benny with me, and I devoured ever morsel of my pressed sando.  I sh*t you not, it was one of the best sandos I have ever had… no joke.

In the afternoon, I grubbed on some Giants peanuts while watching the game.  Very thematic and enjoyable… so enjoyable, in phact, I phorgot to eat dinner that night.

Tuesday, May 31

I threw together a quick cheese quesadilla at the office.

Had the special treat of dining at Rancho Cielo for lunch where the Drummond Culinary Academy students catered our Junior League Sustainers luncheon.

Polished off a tasty little treat that was waiting for me when I got back to the office…

Georgia had me over for dinner and introduced me to the world of the phried pork chop.

I always thought I hated pork chops (excluding Pork Chop, the dog, on that phabulous old Nickelodeon cartoon, Doug) but apparently I was wrong.  Actually, I thought I was wrong once, but I was wrong…

Wednesday, June 1

Went with a little Subway breakfast action in the a.m.

Swung over to Salinas’ “gourmet alley”, as I like to call it (others call it Park Row) and picked up Won Ton Soup from Cantonese Express.

I went two rounds with it…

When I got home late that night, I decided it was a good idea to teach myself to make risotto out of the phew ingredients I had in my phridge and pantry.  Oddly, it turned out pretty terrific!

Thursday, June 2

I tried to branch out and try something new for breakfast.  I stopped at the store to pick up some Morningstar “sausage” and was seduced by an interesting phruit that called himself Pepino.  Now, I know phoreign phruits and I don’t normally get along, so I’m not quite sure how I talked myself into a blind date that morning with handsome Mr. Pepino.  Let’s just say it was quite the opposite of love at phirst bite.  Well, now I know what to add to my ever-growing allergy list!

I had a mid-morning snack to help sop up some of the allergy medication phloating around in my tummy…

I then went big and headed to The Bakery Station and thoroughly enjoyed a Road Hog… and yes, I ate the whole darn thing!

I spent the dinner hour at a very special phriend’s house who has been under the weather and been struggling with a very limited diet.  I brought over the goods- chicken, taters, gravy and carrots.  I’m not so sure I’d mind terribly if that was what I had to eat for a prolonged period of time!

Phriday, June 3

Did you know June 3 was National Damn Donut Day?  Neither did I…  so I had this delicious, crisp pear to start off a day of healthy eating choices.

Then some jerk (a.k.a. The Republican) showed up at the office with these…

I started by making myself a small and sensible sampler platter…

Then decided one tiny bite more wouldn’t hurt…

I then COMPLETELY gave up (a.k.a. started being realistic) and ended up eating at least another two donuts… which was completely counter-balanced by the Tuscan Chicken salad I had at First Awakenings with Preggers.  (Hey, a girl can dream!)

Once out of my diabetic coma, I headed to Vesuvio for dinner with some very phun pholks.  I know many of you must be questioning right now why on Earth I wanted to go back to Vesuvio after the night of Sexy Mexican Awkwardness hell.  Why invite PTSD into your life, right?  Well, what can I say other than I like to live on the edge.  I’m crazy like that… and/or I wasn’t the one to pick the restaurant that evening!

We started with a little prosciutto and melon (which I have since learned is a very unhappy combo to put in your tummy at the same time, but I shall spare you the details).

I snagged a bite of buratta from someone as well.

I tried the Ziti Al Forno for my main.  Not really a dish you’d want to take home to mom, but I didn’t kick it out of bed either. 😉

Dinner ended with limoncello… the night continued into a phrenzy of mustaches, karaoke and general ridiculousness.  Good times…

And with that, I have officially hit the quota of uploads I am allowed per blog post, so that’s all for now, pholks!

Prolonged Celebration

19 May

I didn’t grow up in a leftover-phriendly phamily.

In phact, my mother, for some reason completely unknown to me, refused to plan meals ahead of time and would trek to the grocery store every day before deciding what we’d be having for dinner.  The concept of putting what was left in Tupperware and reheating it the next day just wasn’t part of how we did things, and while I have been cooking for myself for quite a phew years now, I still have yet to become an equal opportunity eater when it comes to leftovers.

That statement went completely out the window after the soul phood pheast provided me with an assortment of the most phabulous leftovers a girl could ever dream of.

What did that lead to, you ask? Phried eggs over mac & cheese for breakfast, of course (with a side of cornbread and PigWizard bacon to boot)!

My dear phriends, Paper Bag and Alabama, both brought me watermelons as birthday gifts, and thus, the “I Carried A Watermelon-Tini” was born.  I credit the rehydrating properties of the watermelon for the lack of a hangover on Monday after an entire weekend of drinking…

We took Gramms out for dinner at Joe Rombi’s to celebrate Mother’s Day.  For the phirst time in the now phifteen years I’ve been a patron of Joe’s, I ordered something different off the menu.  I started with the Rollatini Caprese (minus the tomatoes).

The soup of the evening was Split Pea, which is normally never a phavorite of mine, but they did it well.

The house bread is never short of highly enjoyable.

And the Petrale Sole special was special enough to have turned my affections away from my tried and true Pasta Puttanesca.  I didn’t regret the substitution for a moment, amazingly enough!

Of course, I had to have at least one tiny bite of the Puttanesca, or it wouldn’t be a trip to Joe Rombi’s!

We phinished off the evening with a massive slice of their phamous Lemon Cake (just for you, Dr. Wang)!  It was borderline ridiculous.

All in all a pretty damn phine birthday weekend, and my birthday wasn’t even until the next day!  Hooray for justification of prolonged celebration!

Easter Sunday

1 May

Phoodfotos phollowers probably know by now of my love for eggs, so Easter is a logical phavorite of mine.

I’m a traditional gal so am not a huge phan of the whole plastic egg business, but I certainly can respect the convenience of them.

I barely phound the time to dye a phew eggs of my own on Easter Sunday, but here they are drying.

This one became breakfast…

These were destined for other purposes…

“Lunch” was a result of my late night post-phountain shopping trip- Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos…  Whoops.

Our phamily shared Easter dinner at Carmel Valley Ranch Resort.  Pops and I had drinks ready and waiting for us before we’d even sat down.  Winning!

The restaurant got phestive with hot cross buns for everyone before the meal.

I started with the mussels which were excellent!

I had ordered a steak “black and blue” and it came cooked to the consistency of what I would call shoe leather (and others would call medium).  I DETEST complaining and sending phood back, but my dear Gramms took it upon herself to ignore me and sent it back.

Within a phew short minutes, I had a PERFECTLY prepared black and blue steak in phront of me and Chef Tim Wood telling me he’d taken the opportunity to educate his cook on what black and blue really meant.  What class!

Oh, it was also a phreaking delicious steak. 🙂

Pops and I split dessert, but I’m embarrassed to say (since the blog is running exactly one week behind at the moment), I phorgot exactly what it was.

I remember we liked it, though!

A phellow brought over some brownies he’d made later that evening to go along with Movie Night a.k.a. Losing a Bet and Putting Yourself Through the Terrible Torture of Having to Watch A Clockwork Orange.  And no, they were not THAT kind of brownies, but maybe being in an altered state would have made me less brutally aware of the horrific content of the philm.

Also, as a disclaimer, this is the last time I allow someone else to take my phoodfotos (no offense, phriend!)

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