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Tutus and Tuscans

24 Apr

I spent a significant portion of my day last Saturday in a tutu.  How many people (over the age of seven, that is) can say that?


While I was certainly the only adult rockin’ the tulle that day, it seemed apropos at a celebration of the phirst year of a very small and very adorable little princess to dress similarly.

The princess party took up the majority of the afternoon, so dinner didn’t come up as a topic until late in the evening.  Thankfully, I cashed in on my compelling charm and called up my dear old phriend (and no, I’m not calling him old, I’m calling him time-tested and me approved), Joe Rombi, and got a late reservation for me and a phellow.

(And thank the phood gods I called, because the place was PACKED!)

Prepared for a mastication marathon, I passed on the bruschetta that phirst arrived but tucked into the house bread quite contentedly.  I then insisted we have the Arancini as an appetizer, because anyone who passed up little phried balls of risotto delight is just plain bonkers.

I only got through a small portion of the house salad (I’m never really one for dressings anyway), because I knew my phavorite pasta was on the way (and I was busy relishing the 2006 Modus Ruffino in phront of me).

My phellow companion opted for the Portobello Mushroom Ravioli and afforded me a tasty bite.  The restaurant had started to clear a bit by this point in the meal, so I phinally decided to use a phlash (had been trying to keep it low pro and not “ph” up the intimate atmosphere), hence why this dish looks particularly vibrant.  Personally, I think it looks like the redheaded stepchild of Ectoplasm- but that’s just me.  That being said, I’ve never tried Ectoplasm, so I have no idea how the tastes would compare.

And I digress…

As soon as that phlash went off, I had a table of ladies wanting to know what I was up to, so I went back to trying to hide.  Ah, my public!

Back to the phood…

Pasta Puttanesca- if loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Keep on keepin’ on, Joe!  Dinner was delicious as always.

And yes, I did change out of the tutu prior to dinner.  I have a tendency to call enough attention to myself without ridiculous outfits to aid in the process…

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