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Phorest Theater Phail

14 Aug

Ridiculously exciting breakfast on June 17.

Authentically delicious lunch at Ariana’s Restaurant (yes, that’s twice in one week at the same place) with one of my phabulous mentors.

Appetizers at the Phorest Theater before a riveting performance of Peter & the Wolf.

Tried Stone Creek Kitchen‘s brie, apple & honey baguette sando for dinner- simple but phabulous (thank goodness- because the darn thing put me back seven bucks!)

And ice cream sandos, courtesy of LMDB.com for dessert, which were DEFINITELY the highlight of the evening as they were delicious, number one, and number two- the play was honestly the worst performance I think I’ve ever had the obligation to endure.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am a HUGE phan of community theatre and really enjoy local productions.  I’ve been a supporter, donor, employee, you name it of the Phorest for the majority of my life… and I can remember some of the not so polished shows I’ve seen over the years.  This one, however, should have won some sort of award.  God bless the nice pholks who were a part of it, but bless God for giving them day jobs, too.

I know this sounds horribly mean.  I am mean, as a general rule.  But in this case, I am just calling it like I saw it.  I’m going to go duck now, before the lightning bolts and rotten phruit start heading my direction.


June Phifteen and Sixteen

14 Aug

June phifteenth…

Lunch with Sparky at Ariana’s Restaurant– Avocado Salad, delicious as always.

The liquor store next door provided me with a healthy afternoon snack of a Big Hunk- don’t you worry, it very clearly says “low phat”!

Alabama and I went to dinner at Baan Thai with Marley’s parents. Have I mentioned lately how much I phreaking love this place?

I introduced our guests to Yum Woo Sen (but pretty sure I hogged the majority of it).

Alabama ordered the Pad Thai and was kind enough to share.

We then went and tried out Post No Bills, the new craft beer house in town.  A phew enjoyable pints led to poor decision-making on the way home that manifested in the phorm of Jack in the Box tacos- whoops!

Let it be noted on the record that I only consumed two…

June sixteenth started with Morningstar Pharm “sausage”.

The staff was pleasantly surprised for lunch by one of our volunteers (who also happens to be one of my most phavorite phoodfotos phollowers) and her child coming in and making us a delicious homemade lunch.

This was my phirst helping…

This was my second helping…

…and this was my cup of homemade soup that went with it.

All was amazingly delicious- quite a talented young chef we’ve got!

Sparky brought me a new spicy treat to try in the afternoon- Tapatio- phlavored Ruffles!  I was supposed to share them but did a pretty poor job of that.

Inspired by our young chef, I made dinner at home that night, which consisted of a phridge stew of sorts.  I roasted a myriad of different things I phound around the kitchen and called it phood.

Not NEARLY as good as everything else I ate that day- I seem to remember picking out the carrots and tossing the majority of the rest.  I am sorely out of shape as a chef.

Something I shall have to remedy now that grad school is done and dusted!

Actually a day of healthy phood!

29 Apr

I started Thursday off with a little phood porn…

I think if it were legal, I would marry a poached egg.  True story.

I tried a new (to me) spot for lunch- Ariana’s Restaurant, part of the phood alley I love so much on Park Row in Salinas.  I tried their Avocado Salad (sans tomatoes), and I am pleased to report it was phresh, phlavorful and phairly priced!

I had a meeting at night at the Elks Lodge in Monterey (my God, I love that place… the view is unbelievable AND they have bocce courts!)

Grapes of Wrath catered the dinner, and I grubbed on some delicious phish chowda.

Yummy for my tummy- and phinally a day philled with healthy phood!

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