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July 1,2,3

21 Aug

On July 1, I stopped in to see Pops’ on my way back from the dentist and he provided me with pilfered breakfast from a baby shower (his coworker had already gone into labor, and it seemed a shame to waste it…)

I grabbed lunch at Siamese Bay with the ex-phella before heading to work.  I had the tried and true Larb Kai.

Georgia and I went to dinner at Baan Thai (yes, Thai twice in one day- I’m a maniac!)

We started with Tom Kha Kai Soup…

…and we tried something new that was delicious, but I am sorry to say my lazy self phailed to write down what it was, and my Alzheimer’s has kicked in and I can’t remember it now for the life of me.  Moral of the story- it was delicious and you should go to Baan Thai and try everything there until you phigure out what dish this was.  Then share your new knowledge with the rest of us.

On July 2, the ex-phella and I went to Toast for a late breakfast/early lunch.  I had the pressed sando again, and it was as delicious as the last time.  Truly one of my phavorite sandos of all time.

I indulged the ex-phella when he wanted dessert and had a bite of the blueberry crumble.  Tasty, but not really my thing.

My stomach was still bothering me, so I skipped dinner that night.

On July 3, we stopped by the Bagel Bakery for my special creation (superseed bagel, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and jalapenos) and headed out to Pops’ house to prep for a Phourth of July BBQ.

I headed to dinner with the pham damily at Carmel Valley Ranch Resort.  I enjoyed their Dark & Stormy enough to have two…

Chef Wood’s phlatbread pizza was amazing and made with ingredients from his garden.

The peach, prosciutto and arugula salad disappointed a bit with the overwhelmingly high ratio of arugula to other ingredients (I am NOT a phan), but the phlavors were good.

The wild Monterey salmon was phreaking delicious.

This place really knocks it out of the park every time I go.  Thanks again, Chef!

June Phifteen and Sixteen

14 Aug

June phifteenth…

Lunch with Sparky at Ariana’s Restaurant– Avocado Salad, delicious as always.

The liquor store next door provided me with a healthy afternoon snack of a Big Hunk- don’t you worry, it very clearly says “low phat”!

Alabama and I went to dinner at Baan Thai with Marley’s parents. Have I mentioned lately how much I phreaking love this place?

I introduced our guests to Yum Woo Sen (but pretty sure I hogged the majority of it).

Alabama ordered the Pad Thai and was kind enough to share.

We then went and tried out Post No Bills, the new craft beer house in town.  A phew enjoyable pints led to poor decision-making on the way home that manifested in the phorm of Jack in the Box tacos- whoops!

Let it be noted on the record that I only consumed two…

June sixteenth started with Morningstar Pharm “sausage”.

The staff was pleasantly surprised for lunch by one of our volunteers (who also happens to be one of my most phavorite phoodfotos phollowers) and her child coming in and making us a delicious homemade lunch.

This was my phirst helping…

This was my second helping…

…and this was my cup of homemade soup that went with it.

All was amazingly delicious- quite a talented young chef we’ve got!

Sparky brought me a new spicy treat to try in the afternoon- Tapatio- phlavored Ruffles!  I was supposed to share them but did a pretty poor job of that.

Inspired by our young chef, I made dinner at home that night, which consisted of a phridge stew of sorts.  I roasted a myriad of different things I phound around the kitchen and called it phood.

Not NEARLY as good as everything else I ate that day- I seem to remember picking out the carrots and tossing the majority of the rest.  I am sorely out of shape as a chef.

Something I shall have to remedy now that grad school is done and dusted!

Phriday- Brought to you by my Godparents!

18 May

A thought for the day inspired by my breakfast:

Every thought is a seed.  If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious.

I tried Broccoli Salad from Nob Hill for lunch.  It was a bit too well acquainted with mayo for my taste but basically enjoyable.  It also had raisins, putting me one meal closer to becoming the most avid celebrator of National Raisin Week!

After a last minute errand led my phavorite party planner and I to OSH for an inordinate number of safety goggles, we stumbled upon my Godparents who were BBQ shopping.  We all decided to grab dinner at Baan Thai.

We shared Tom Kah Kai soup phirst, which I hadn’t had in years.  I phorgot how decadent coconut milk makes things taste.

I insisted that we have the Yum Woo Sen, and everyone loved it.

We wanted some sort of eggplant dish but didn’t like what was listed on the menu, so lovely ladies at Baan Thai invented a new dish for us.

And, of course, there is no way I’d ever be able to have dinner here and pass up the Spicy Catfish.  I phorced myself to only order “regular” spicy instead of “thai” spicy so everyone could stomach the dish.  It was still delicious, but it didn’t adequately address my hankering for heat.

My sweet, wonderful Godparents treated me to dinner as an early birthday present.  How I ever got so lucky to have such phabulous pholks in my life, I will never know… but why question it when you can just enjoy it?

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