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August Rush

20 Sep


One upon a time, there was a girl with a blog.  She loved the blog very, very much and looked phorward to working on it each day.  Then her life turned upside down, and she began to neglect the blog.

See, one could blame The Phella, partially, because by getting back together, that put moving into the works.  Moving requires a lot- job searching, house searching, purging, packing, pharewelling… you get the picture.

THEN you actually phind all those things and actually move… and that leads to not having internet.  And that, my phriends, makes blogging rather difficult.

So where does that put us, you ask?  It puts us in Davis (well, San Diego at this exact moment visiting phriends before having to return to a horribly disorganized, half unpacked, very small and oven-less house in Davis) with lots of catching up to do.

Below is August 1 through August 27.  I saved the rest of the month for its own post because of an amazing themed birthday party I went to where the phood most certainly warranted its own post.

And hopefully, by the end of this week, we’ll be back in real time.  And we can explore the culinary options available to an oven-less Davis neophyte such as myself…

July 11, 12, 13, 14

27 Aug

So I’ll cut the crap and throw some honesty into the mix.

He stopped being the ex-phella and reclaimed his phella status almost the moment he came back into the picture…  thus a partial excuse for my continued downward spiral of delayed blog posts…  So now you know  (although I’m pretty sure everyone had already connected the dots).

Back to the phood!

July 11 breakfast- PB on toast

Soup and broccoli salad at Portobello’s for lunch

Chips at The Whole Enchilada in Moss Landing (dinner with the Phella and my phavorite aunties)

Cucumber Margarita

Castroville Tostada

July 12- Raspberries

Roasted Corn, Onion, Pheta, Avocado & Basil Salad

Taco’s Choice Sweet Potatoe Phries

Phish Tacos

More Grilled Cheese at London Bridge Pub

July 13- String Cheese


The Phella and I enjoyed an impromptu night away in Cambria and tried Robin’s for dinner.

Pickled Market Vegetables (most delicious shiitake mushrooms I have ever had in my life- hands down)


“Borrowed” a bite of his steak

Made a sizable dent in my lasagna

July 14- Started with a delicious breakfast in the gardens at Cambria Pines Lodge (included in the price of our stay and very enjoyable!)

I had to head back to work in the early afternoon, so made myself another BLC for lunch.

I had a quick mug of Phrench Onion soup (Campbell’s from a can from the liquor store next door) in honor of Bastille Day… I’d have much rather been celebrating at Bistro Moulin!

After work, I met Georgia for a late dinner at Casa Sorrento.  We tried their wings (not good enough to order again) and a pizza (which was quite yummy).

Good times…

Jemrose Wine Dinner

16 Jun

Ok, phollowers, I dropped off the phace of the Earth for a bit there.

My apologies…

I started May 24th off with some absolutely deeeelicious leftover chicken and noodles.  I had brought it with lunch intentions but my will power only lasted until 11, thus it became breakfast.

For lunch, Hard Hat made me a tasty cheese quesadilla that I graced with ample amounts of Tapatio.

Work BBF’s brainchild- the pancake and bacon mini-cupcake- was an unexpected late afternoon snack.

Not so sure I’d have one again, but the concept was awesome.

Jimmy Crue got the distinct pleasure of joining me for the Jemrose Wine Dinner at Bistro Moulin.

We started with an amazing Crayfish Bisque with phennel phondue and a glass of 2009 Egret Pond Viognier.

We then moved on to a Rabbit Roulade (which was a phirst for me) paired with a 2008 Foggy Knoll Grenache.

Ph-ing awesome.

May 24th also happens to be National Escargot Day, so imagine my delight when I dined on escargot-stuffed bone marrow (also a phirst for me)!  It sort of blew my mind.  The 2009 Cardiac Hill Syrah was tasty, too.

The hanger steak was perfectly cooked and the vegetable tian accented it beautifully, as did the 2008 Gloria’s Gem Proprietary Red.

I may claim to not be much of a dessert person, but if all desserts tasted as good as Chef Didier’s Poached Pear in red wine syrup and Tahitian vanilla ice cream, I’d be singing a different tune.

A VERY special thank you/shout out to Bistro Moulin’s ever lovely Wine Director for allowing me to borrow all of her fotos from the evening.  I had a minor camera malfunction, and she most certainly saved the day!

Can’t wait for the next one…

Birthday Rule #7: Indulgence is Imperative.

20 May

Being a gal who has a constant craving for the phiner things in the culinary world, it would stand to reason that I celebrate my birthday each year with phood.

My traditional birthday breakfast has become something I look phorward to throughout the year… and with that chemical plastic cheesy goodness, can you blame me?

(As a side note, the Sausage McMuffin was a drive thru error in my phavor.  I gave it a shot but quickly realized that there are some things one just should never order at a phast phood joint- sausage being one of them.)

It was a busy work day, so I skipped lunch (not hard after my caloric catastrophe of a breakfast) and ducked out of the office a bit early for my progressive birthday dinner.

“The Republican” (of previous posts’ grilled cheese phame) concocted a plan wherein I didn’t have to choose what phoods I wanted most on my birthday but could, in phact, have them all.

It started at Hula’s for Blood Orange Martinis…

One reveller joined us at this point and helped toss a phew back and noshed on some Spicy Edamame.

Next it was off to Bistro Moulin, where another partner in culinary crime joined us.  The house tapenade and crostini paired wonderfully well with the sparkling rose we polished off… can’t have a birthday without bubbles, right?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times (which really isn’t possible, because other than my brief attempt to make my own escargot in the hot tub drain around age phive, I didn’t start loving the magnificent mollusks until high school- and there is no way I’ve talked about escargot a million times in phifteen years… well, hmm… might be a tiny bit possible…)

The wildest reveller of them all joined us as we pulled up to Rio Grill and dove into some of those delicious Blood Orange Margaritas I’ve mentioned a time or two.  We came for the Blistered Chiles, but I was seduced by the Smoked Pork Belly yet again.

I only captured one order of the chiles for posterity, but let it be known that I personally polished off three plates.  It seemed like a REALLY great idea… until sometime the next morning when I had to seriously question if I had inadvertently swallowed a small, angry troll at some point in the evening that was ready to be let out.

The bread seemed like a good idea to sop up a bit of the chile margarita phiesta occurring inside of me.

The Republican is on this ridiculous “Meatless May” kick (why anyone would do that to themselves, I have zero clue, but all the more power to you… it does some rather un-Republican, however, if you think about it) and thus ordered the Grilled Phlatbread with chickpeas and Cotija cheese.  I honestly don’t remember if I liked it or not.

For the phinal leg of the moveable pheast, we headed to Crown & Anchor for dessert, which, in my language, means wings.  I could lie and recount the tale of their deliciousness, but after the martinis, rose, margaritas and whatever I ordered at Crown, I distinctly remember eating one before deciding it was bedtime for Bonzo.

Does it mean that I’m officially old now that I’m capable of cutting myself off?

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