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And thus, July is complete!

6 Sep

Super phabulous Pizza Party on the night of the 29th at my phavorite phellow blogger‘s new house.

Breakfast at Grandma’s Kitchen on Saturday with The Phella phollowed by dinner in a parking lot in Santa Cruz with Cricket and LMDB.com (which was then phollowed by Recession Crusher pizzettas at Bittersweet Bistro).

Lunch on Sunday at Campo di Bocce in Los Gatos (had a little phun phamily time) and then dinner with The Phella at one of our phavorite couple’s homes.

And thus, July is complete!

July 15,16,17

1 Sep

July 15

Subway Breakfast

In N Out Phlying Dutchman and Phries

“Strawberry” Cherries

Phorest Theatre Picnic

Second Helping…

July 16

Baldemiro’s Salsa

Baldemiro’s Breakfast Burrito

Cheese and Crackers

Phig Salad at Bittersweet Bistro

“Recession Buster” Pizzas at Bittersweet Bistro

July 17

LouLou’s Griddle in the Middle Pomegranate Mimosas

Squiddle & Eggs

Blueberry Pancakes (borrowed a phew bites)

Corn and Couscous

An Almost Perfect Day…

4 Aug

Pops and I slept in and missed out on a tasty breakfast in Portland.

Our penance for such laziness was served on an 8″ onion sub, courtesy of the Big Town Hero at PDX.

We drove home from SJC via Rio del Mar and had lunch with my phriend, Cricket at Bittersweet Bistro.

Their Bittersweet Cocktail is terrifyingly easy to drink… especially in such amazingly gorgeous sunshine.

The sweet potatoe phries were.. sweet.

Loved the presentation on the wings (however inflated the price tag was…)

After we got back, Alabama picked me up and treated me to a phantabulous celebratory dinner at our phavorite celebratory spot- Will’s Fargo.

After the crudite, we shared the ahi sashimi.

I then opted for the mushroom bisque, which was delicious!

My main course was my tried and true black and blue top sirloin- perfect and delicious as always.

It was a perfect day… almost.

Until we left the restaurant, and I checked my phone.

And the ex-phella had crashed his motorcycle and landed himself in the ER.

And thus, to the ER I went.

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