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Phan Phood

27 Jul

That phabulous wedding took its toll, making me pheel not so phabulous the majority of the day on June phifth.

(Plus my purse, which contained my camera, went on hiatus.)

I phinally mustered up the courage to eat something around dinner time (and documented it with my phone).

On Monday, June 6, I grabbed a string cheese on my way to work a half day.

Then, armed with a makeshift purse and new memory card for my camera, Jimmy Crue and I ventured to phoggy San Phrancisco and met Paper Bag and Fargo at Pete’s Tavern in preparation for a ball game.

We caught some nuts at the game… 🙂

Jimmy was VERY proud of his sausage placement for this foto…

Normally, I’d have been phull after all that (and the beer helped) but the game ended up going into super-phabulous extra innings (thank God we were already planning to spend the night with Paper Bag or that drive home would have REALLY been the opposite of phun), so we HAD to stop for some late night pizza before heading back to her place…

All in a day’s work for a diehard Giants phan (and for the record, I am not one of those phairweather phans who just started claiming allegiance to black and orange since they became world champions.  I have, in phact, been a passionate supporter since 1989 and I truly miss Candlestick… well, sometimes I do.  Telephone Company Park is pretty hard to beat!)


If It Ain’t Broke

25 Apr

I woke up pheeling like a million bucks!  I even remembered to bring breakfast to work with me.

(And I will thank the peanut gallery for refraining from side comments about it not being impressive that I remembered to grab a damn yogurt from the phridge before heading out for the day…  I’m coming from a strengths-based perspective here, and I am taking it where I can get it!)

My boss decided to join the National Grilled Cheese Month bandwagon, and she treated me to a massive sando from Elli’s (of course, we both added bacon.  Why?  Because… EVERYTHING is better with bacon!)

It was yummy, but now that I’m in the running for National Grilled Cheese Queen, I’m becoming a parcel more particular when it comes to melt cheesy goodness.  This was not the best I’ve had this month nor was it the worst.

Dinner was more of an afterthought than anything else (this happens when you overeat yourself into a lactose-laced carb coma in the afternoon) so I threw together what I had.  Shirataki noodles (I’d assume you phollowers are sensing a bit of my creature of habit tendencies by now) and Brussel sprouts.

The noodles were solid- tasty as always.  The sprouts not so much.  Someone recommended to me in the past month to roast those puppies with a little balsamic instead of my tried and true recipe for miniature cabbage delight (Bless you, Ina Garten, bless you!) and so I did.

Let it be said- if it ain’t broke, don’t phix it.

I love my sprouts the way I make them, and while I am sure whatever wonderfully kind and competent person it was that suggested the sugary substitution can pull it off wonderfully, mine missed the mark… and then some.  I gave the little guys three chances, but a phourth bite was certainly not warranted.

The trash got to enjoy the rest.  Oscar would have been pleased.

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