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A December to Remember, Part Two… and thus, my resolution is made good!

31 Jan

When I click publish, my 2011 resolution will officially be complete!  Literally every morsel of phood I ate (well, every bite over 20 calories, that is… had to draw the line somewhere since I assumed nobody wanted to see pictures of gum) photo-documented for the world to see… What an experience.

I will never phorget the pheel of eyes boring holes in my back as I whipped out a massive camera to take shots of tortilla chips and pizza buffets, the endless barrage of questions from those who were convinced I was a super secret phood critic and the terrifying realization that I am wholeheartedly, undeniably, and quite possibly harmfully obsessed with pizza and chicken wings.  Coming to a close has a weird pheeling, but since I received a resounding response to continue the phood fotos madness, I am going nowhere.  Lucky you!

So with that being said (or typed), here’s the last of it…  The dates get a bit wonky somewhere around day three of The Phella and my cruise to Mexico, but the content is there.  I think we’ll survive.  Moral of the story- I ate my weight in pizza and phrozen yogurt and racked up quite a hefty tab at the specialty steakhouse onboard.  I’d expect nothing less from myself, of course!

What better way to end my year of phood ridiculousness, I say.

Tomorrow is day one of The Bridesmaid’s Diet, which won the polls for the phirst diet to try in 2012.  Wish me luck, as it is a diet I’ve made up… and while you might think that a masters degree would qualify me to create something like this, might I remind you that my degrees are in communication, African music and adult education.  So I’ve got that going for me… which is nice.

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