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Phebruary Phorgiveness?

18 May

Is bloggers rehab a thing, because based upon how severely I phell off the blogging wagon, I think I’m a prime candidate.

So until I phind myself a place to check in, I’m voluntarily leading myself through some of the steps… primarily admitting my wrongdoings and making amends to those of you who have continued to phollow me (amazingly despite my hiatus, I’ve gained phollowers and continue to have visitors to the site regularly, so thanks dudes!)  Moral of the story: now is the time if you ever wanted something of me… ask away!

Looking back to Phebruary, which seems like an eternity ago, is an intriguing juxtaposition of painful and positive.  I attempted to restart the ever so popular Bridesmaids Diet with marginal success.  Life threw some curve balls my way, and being the queen of eating my pheelings, I didn’t want to let my subjects down.  It’s phunny in a “I just laughed at something so inappropriate that I am certain I’ve just solidified my ticket to Hell” sort of a way, that when it rains, it truly does pour… and in this example, when I say “rain”, I’m talking about the piles of crap that rained down upon me- personally, professionally and whatever other -ally you can imagine.

That being said, it’s now May and I’m in one piece, so I should shut my mouth and appreciate what I am sure were some very “character-building” experiences.

Euphemistic statements aside, let’s talk phood!

There were some rather hefty indulgences around Valentine’s Day, a long weekend Monterey and when Dainty came to visit.  Lent came around and this year, I decided on giving up artificial sweetener.  That was painful yet positive, I must say!  We phrequented a phew restaurants in the Davis/Sacramento area that were exciting (Bistro Michel, Buckhorn Steakhouse, Magpie Cafe, Paesanos, DeVere’s Irish Pub, Our House and Osteria Fasulo) and phound a phew phailures (Ludy’s BBQ, City Tavern and a thrilling highly anticipated breakfast at Delta of Venus… that took an hour to acquire).  We went hog wild on our trip to Monterey, sharing meals at Carmel Valley Ranch, Bistro Moulin, Cannery Row Brewing Company, Happy Girl Kitchen, MYO, Cantinetta Luca, Jeffrey’s (needed my benny phix) and From Scratch, with a phabulous assortments of phriends (shout out to Work BFF, Sexy Mexican, Pops and Mommy Dearest and the whole pham damily all at the same table, RIT, Camelle and my phavorite ex-boss and her lovely husband).  That weekend was topped off with a trip to my phavorite chain restaurant indulgence- The Olive Garden.

Don’t judge me, we all have one.

In happy news, I am currently unemployed.  Ok, not really, but I am a temporary woman of leisure for the next two weeks as I regroup in between a job that was my equivalent of a square peg and an amazing new job that I’ll be telling you more about as the posts get up to datw.  Hence why blogger’s rehab starts today.  I’m hoping I’ll be cured in record time.

Do y’all phorgive me?

My Phinal Days in Monterey

4 Oct

Sept 12 started with a pear I picked in Pops’ yard.

I made a Caesar salad poolside for lunch.

The phamily headed to Carmel Valley Ranch for dinner to celebrate my grandmother’s boyfriend’s 80th birthday.  Pops and I split the charcuterie plate phirst and then I went with the chef’s honey tasting menu.

The salad was sent out compliments of the chef.  Love that guy!

Honey-brined pork chop

Honey drizzled peaches over Belgian waffles

Sept 13 began with some champagne grapes and an orange I brought from my tree in Davis.

I met my mentor for lunch at Salinas City BBQ and indulged in three ribs and a double order of potatoe salad- don’t judge.  Worth every calorie, darn it!

I went over to my phavorite phellow blogger’s house for dinner before trivia at the pub.  We tried Pizza My Heart‘s Phiggy Piggy.

Sadly not as delicious as I had hoped when I heard about it, but I did thoroughly enjoy the name!

I headed back to my old work for the day on Sept 14.  Work BFF and I had lunch at Golden Star Chinese down the street.

I am definitely going to miss this place and their prices.  My lunch was $4… and delicious.

I chose the kung pao chicken lunch special.

I met a new phriend at The Penny Pharthing after work for a late night nibble.  We shared some pretzels and cheese…

… and I struggled through some seen better days sliders.

I headed back to Salinas on the morning of Sept 15 to have breakfast with another wonderful ex-coworker and took the liberty of introducing her to the wonder that is a Phirst Awakeings pancake.

I then met the phriend from the night before and headed on a quick road trip down to Big Sur, intending to have a second breakfast at Deetjen’s.  Sadly we arrived 20 minutes too late to indulge in what I would argue is quite possibly the most wonderful Eggs Benedict on Earth.  So we settled on muffins and sandos from the Big Sur Bakery instead (I’m not complaining!)

We ate the sandos at my phavorite beach while Phooey played in the sand (and by “played in” I really mean that he “ate” the sand.)

Georgia and I grabbed dinner at The Running Iron later that evening.  We shared some jalapeno poppers to start.

I had a small salad before tucking into a Jalapeno Burger.

Sadly, I was phull after the poppers, so I only got through a phew bites of the burger.

Sept 16 started out wonderfully when I shared a peach scone at Happy Girl Kitchen with an old sorority sister and an incredibly small yet handsome man who was dressed as a bear.

I then met my mother for her Meals on Wheels route phollowed by lunch at Thai Bistro II with her and a sweet phriend.

We started with some Mee Krob.  For those of you who don’t know, this stuff is ridiculous in the best way possible.

A little Tom Kha Kai soup…

…and Tom’s Special.  (I love anything with a phried egg on top!)

I met Pops and the Phoositter at the Phorest Theater to watch a production of Annie.  I was in charge of the picnic dinner and had relied on takeout from Chopstix.  Not the best choice I’ve ever made, as despite my requests for a cilantro-phree meal, everything came covered.

So I enjoyed the Avocado Snow boba drink I had picked up as my phirst course.

I then phound some leftover peanuts in my black hole of a purse and made that my entree.

The Phoositter brought cupcakes from Mrs. Delish, so I thoroughly enjoyed a coconut one for dessert.

Not a bad meal, honestly!

Sept 17 was the day of my phinal pharewell party before leaving the Monterey Peninsula for good.  The Original came to town late the night before, so we started the day at Jeffrey’s for the second best Eggs Benedict on the Peninsula (and by second best, I still mean phreaking delicious!).

The pharewell wishers began arriving around the lunch hour, and one very special phriend brought a massive pile of assorted wings from Wing Stop.

Another very wonderful phriend brought her phamous turtles which I polished off quite quickly.

And yet another wonderful gal (LMDB.com) graced the party with homemade red velvet whoopie pies.  SO phabulous!

As the evening wore on, I realized my phood consumption was not keeping up with my “hydrating” and Mrs. Olive Bedlam was beginning to appear.  So the phriends stepped in an had me eat a horribly messy sausage in which I quickly lost interest.

But I phound some potatoe salad in the phridge that hit the spot.

That being said, Mrs. Olive Bedlam still succeeded in making an appearance, and I paid for this quite dearly the next morning…  You play, you pay!

July 1,2,3

21 Aug

On July 1, I stopped in to see Pops’ on my way back from the dentist and he provided me with pilfered breakfast from a baby shower (his coworker had already gone into labor, and it seemed a shame to waste it…)

I grabbed lunch at Siamese Bay with the ex-phella before heading to work.  I had the tried and true Larb Kai.

Georgia and I went to dinner at Baan Thai (yes, Thai twice in one day- I’m a maniac!)

We started with Tom Kha Kai Soup…

…and we tried something new that was delicious, but I am sorry to say my lazy self phailed to write down what it was, and my Alzheimer’s has kicked in and I can’t remember it now for the life of me.  Moral of the story- it was delicious and you should go to Baan Thai and try everything there until you phigure out what dish this was.  Then share your new knowledge with the rest of us.

On July 2, the ex-phella and I went to Toast for a late breakfast/early lunch.  I had the pressed sando again, and it was as delicious as the last time.  Truly one of my phavorite sandos of all time.

I indulged the ex-phella when he wanted dessert and had a bite of the blueberry crumble.  Tasty, but not really my thing.

My stomach was still bothering me, so I skipped dinner that night.

On July 3, we stopped by the Bagel Bakery for my special creation (superseed bagel, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and jalapenos) and headed out to Pops’ house to prep for a Phourth of July BBQ.

I headed to dinner with the pham damily at Carmel Valley Ranch Resort.  I enjoyed their Dark & Stormy enough to have two…

Chef Wood’s phlatbread pizza was amazing and made with ingredients from his garden.

The peach, prosciutto and arugula salad disappointed a bit with the overwhelmingly high ratio of arugula to other ingredients (I am NOT a phan), but the phlavors were good.

The wild Monterey salmon was phreaking delicious.

This place really knocks it out of the park every time I go.  Thanks again, Chef!

Ladies Day and Night

1 Jun

I stumbled upon this dimpled little citrus at Whole Paycheck and decided to give it a try (I have an unceasing love for ugly things… you’ve seen my dog, right?)

Preggers and I attended the Impower Luncheon at Corral de Tierra Country Club.  We started with a phig, prosciutto and arugula salad.

I tried to resist the bread, but we ended up being the very last table served, and my willpower, which has never been anything to shake a stick at, phailed quickly.

Most everyone dined on a chicken and couscous somethingorother, but the no coriander bubble girl here was hooked up with a vegetarian ravioli instead.  It was really delicious AND I could have gone swimming in the leftover oil… love phoods that are multi-purpose!

I assembled a phew nibbles for myself at the Junior League meeting at Carmel Valley Ranch in the evening.

I phelt very proud of my Macgyver skills when I successfully used the back of a spoon to squeeze out all the phabulous roasted garlic.

I had intended to eat a real dinner after the meeting but was too tired after such a phun meeting…

and I’m actually saying that without sarcasm!

I guess I phelt inspired after a day and night so phull of inspirational ladies!


As an aside, while I am behind on my posts (the phood from today’s post was actually consumed on May 19), today marks the six month anniversary of Phood Fotos!  I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been a part of the phun so phar.

I still love it as much as the day I started, and I’m excited to add some new components to the blog in the coming months (just let me phinish up grad school phirst…)

Easter Sunday

1 May

Phoodfotos phollowers probably know by now of my love for eggs, so Easter is a logical phavorite of mine.

I’m a traditional gal so am not a huge phan of the whole plastic egg business, but I certainly can respect the convenience of them.

I barely phound the time to dye a phew eggs of my own on Easter Sunday, but here they are drying.

This one became breakfast…

These were destined for other purposes…

“Lunch” was a result of my late night post-phountain shopping trip- Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos…  Whoops.

Our phamily shared Easter dinner at Carmel Valley Ranch Resort.  Pops and I had drinks ready and waiting for us before we’d even sat down.  Winning!

The restaurant got phestive with hot cross buns for everyone before the meal.

I started with the mussels which were excellent!

I had ordered a steak “black and blue” and it came cooked to the consistency of what I would call shoe leather (and others would call medium).  I DETEST complaining and sending phood back, but my dear Gramms took it upon herself to ignore me and sent it back.

Within a phew short minutes, I had a PERFECTLY prepared black and blue steak in phront of me and Chef Tim Wood telling me he’d taken the opportunity to educate his cook on what black and blue really meant.  What class!

Oh, it was also a phreaking delicious steak. 🙂

Pops and I split dessert, but I’m embarrassed to say (since the blog is running exactly one week behind at the moment), I phorgot exactly what it was.

I remember we liked it, though!

A phellow brought over some brownies he’d made later that evening to go along with Movie Night a.k.a. Losing a Bet and Putting Yourself Through the Terrible Torture of Having to Watch A Clockwork Orange.  And no, they were not THAT kind of brownies, but maybe being in an altered state would have made me less brutally aware of the horrific content of the philm.

Also, as a disclaimer, this is the last time I allow someone else to take my phoodfotos (no offense, phriend!)

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