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Internet Is for Schmucks…

18 Oct

…and if that’s true, I hope to become a schmuck ASAP.  I STILL do not have internet up and running at my new place.  It’s like living in the stone age, minus well, most everything that was common then.  But I digress.

Sept 18 started rough.

Serious hangover from the phestivities the prior day and night combined with the phuneral of a very phabulous phriend.  His wake at Mission Ranch would have been a get together he’d have loved to attend.

I ate three of their roast beef/mache bites and a small plate of cheese and crackers a phriend was kind enough to make for me.

I took a nap after the wake, packed up my stuff, and hopped in the car to head to my phavorite B&B in Gilroy.  The phantastically wonderful proprietors took me to dinner at Westside Grill.

We started with a shared plate of wings- very tasty!

I then phed my hangover with some Phrench onion soup which helped me pheel like I was getting ready to rejoin the land of the living.

I then solidified that with an embarrassingly indulgent plate of linguine and clams.  And then I passed out early… Like my mother always said… there’s nothing like the morning after the morning after…

September 19- I headed to San Diego to visit the most handsome eight month old I know… my Godson, The PLM.  My phlight was delayed, so I phound some nuts to entertain me in the interim.

Lovelace picked me up from the airport and whisked me off to lunch at Songo di Vino.  We split a roasted garlic and goat cheese plate as well as a roasted veggie plate- both were delicious but paled in comparison by the amazingly wonderful company.

Afterward, we visited the PLM and then stole his mom, Dainty, and headed to dinner at Sushi on the Rock II in downtown La Jolla.  We split a series of items from their happy hour menu including potstickers, spring rolls, wings, spicy calamari and a phew assorted rolls.

We then stopped by a place called Cups for some mini cupcakes to take home.  I picked a Creme Brulee mini cupcake.  I was warned by a certain someone that Cups sucks…  That certain someone spoke the truth!

Sept 20… Dainty and I walked to Safeway and Starbucks with the PLM.  We split a decadently delicious pumpkin muffin.

We met up with Lovelace in the afternoon and took PLM on a picnic with some tasty treats from Savory Deli in University Heights.  Awesome tarragon vinaigrette on the salad, and the pizzetta with Manchego and sundried tomatoes was semi-ridiculous in regard to deliciousness.

For dinner, I made an old tried and true recipe- salmon and lentils, with a side of Brussels Sprouts (because I have to use people for their ovens now… and I am not ashamed.. because it was kind of delicious… minus the kind of.)

Sept 21 started early.  Lovelace and I had protesting to do.  She phueled my engine with a bowl of oatmeal, which I would normally hate and reject, but she hid dried apricots in it… and won me over in a BIG way.

After the protesting was over, we met Plucky for lunch at Cafe Chloe downtown.  It had been recommended by a phew phriends, and I’d been dying to try it.  We started with Pomme Frites with a trio of dipping sauces.

Plucky ordered and shared the Trout Salad… delicious!!!

Lovelace made her Crab Cake Sando communal as well.

I tried (and shared.. and between the three of us still didn’t phinish) the highly recommended Macaroni & Cheese.  Holy delicious Hell, Batman!

The Pistachio Bread Pudding dessert wasn’t too offensive either…

…and the bowl of beer Plucky and I enjoyed by the beach afterward wasn’t too shabby. 😉

Nor was the pretzel we had with Suze Wilson at Rock Bottom after that.

But the Leucadia Pizzeria takeout we had for dinner really brought it home in an offensively carb-tastic way.

The phro-yo for dessert (with lychees, coconut and blueberries) was A-OK as well.

On September 22, I headed back to reality and phlew back to Carmel… thankfully in time for lunch with two of my phavorite sorority alums at Patisserie Bechler in Pacific Grove.  If you live in the area, plan to visit someday or don’t have plans but do have taste buds, it is a necessity that you go here and try their onion tart.  I’m not joking.  It was unbelievable.  Do yourself a phavor and learn from my mistake.  I didn’t taste this wonderfulness until the day before I moved away.  Pitiful.

The Republican came over in the evening with an excellent combo- his sweet girlfriend and equally sweet rice krispie treats.  I had two, and I am proud of this.

I then grabbed a late bite with Pops at The Running Iron… a consistently colorful place to phrequent.

I ordered a phried egg sando but was phull after the rice krispie treats so didn’t make much of a dent.

In the morning on September 23, I met my mother for breakfast at LouLou’s Griddle in the Middle before heading out of town once and for all.  We shared a pancake and our pheelings… yes, I know this is cheesy, but I am proud to say that  an unexpected benefit of me moving away has been that it seems to have brought us closer together.  Phunny how life works sometimes.

By the afternoon, I was officially a Davis resident, and by the evening, The Phella and I were having dinner just like the locals at Burgers & Brew.  It seemed way too hot to me to have a burger, so I had a chicken Caesar salad (which honestly, I still phelt too hot to eat… suppose I will adjust).

So I live in Davis now.  I’m a Davisite maybe?

No matter what you call me, it pheels awfully phoreign.

And hot.  It is so phreaking hot here.

Phoodfotos Graduates!

3 Aug

June 11 started offensively early…

This little cinnamon bite distracted me for a mere moment.

The cinnamon whiskey we consumed in the parking lot, however, proved quite the welcome distraction… and got us through the largest graduation in Oregon State University history.  GO BEAVS!

After we officially graduated, the ladies (and phamilies) headed to Cappie’s Brewhouse in Albany to celebrate over lunch.  Of course, I had wings (but honestly, I was so distracted by the unbelievable chile-infused beer I had with it, that I can hardly recall if they were any good!)

I stole some phried green beans… and I DO remember those being delicious (with a superb wasabi dipping sauce…)

I indulged in a tasty Reuben sando with a side of tots for my main course.  Dee-phreaking-licious!

Pops and I then headed to Portland and checked into our hotel (The Nines… I would be lying if I said I liked it… I LOVED it!)

We then met some of his clients for drinks and nibbles at Clyde Common.

I started out with some “Heavy Petting” (shouldn’t all good evenings?) which was a pleasant concoction of Monopolowa vodka, grapefruit juice, Aperol, quinine syrup and a lemon peel.

That went nicely with a marinated olive and almond snack.

Next, I moved on to a “B.M.O.C.” (bourbon, raw ginger syrup, Angostura bitters and soda water).  Hello, phriend!!!

Our pecan praline and sea salt chicharrones snack was completely unnecessary …and completely phabulous.

Phoodfotos tested out its new “calling card” stamp before departing for dinner…

It was then on to Gruner for an alpine-inspired celebration dinner with Pops.

An “Aquabeet” started my night rather distinctly and pleasantly, I must say.

Their house bread was some of the most enjoyable I’ve phound in a long time.

Gruner’s Liptauer (a house made cheese with caraway, paprika, shallots and herbs) served with radishes, celery and pretzels was unique, vibrant and unexpectedly delicious.

The shaved radish salad with dill, chervil, chives, toasted pumpkin seeds, cider vinegar and pumpkin seed oil was beautiful and refreshing.

I snagged a spoonful of Pops’ pea soup.  Normally, I detest pea soup because it tastes so strongly of ham (and I’m not such a phan), but this bite made me wish I’d have had the opportunity for more.

Spaetzle with braised chicken and cremini mushrooms and Phava beans, cooked with riesling, creme phraiche, tarragon and crispy shallots became my dinner.  I’ve had spaetzle on the brain since Tasty N Sons, and while I did enjoy Tasty N Sons’ interpretation of spaetzle a wee bit more than Gruner’s, I really enjoyed this dish.

Pops is an excellent eating companion, as he has learned to acquiesce to my eating demands and ordering whims… and is almost always willing to share plates with me.  As such, I was able to have the duck breast schnitzel with bing cherry rhubarb sauce and cucumber & yellow potatoe salad as my “second dinner”.  Simply said- excellent.

And who could resist jelly donuts for dessert?  Not us!

(Although I have a bone to pick with the city of Portland, as it seems every restaurant who offers “donuts” on their menu actually mean “donut holes”.  Now don’t get me wrong, they were delicious… but do you see a hole in the middle of those tasty little treats?  Neither do I.  Maybe I need to alter MY definition of “donut”.  Ok, who am I kidding?… Back to reality.)

Much to my disappointment, I didn’t learn until the next morning that a phriend and phollower of phoodfotos, Eric Purugganan, is sous chef at Gruner!  I am glad, however, that I consulted with the correct locals when I picked our restaurants and was obviously steered to an exemplary establishment.

As such, I’d like to send Mister Purugganan a shout out and share a phew images from a pheature from the Montavilla Pharmers Market last month.


A little birdie also told me that he earned the People’s Choice award for his Bread & Butter Pickles at Portland’s phirst annual Kenny and Zuke’s pickle competition.

Keep up the phabulous phood work, phriend!

Phan Phood

27 Jul

That phabulous wedding took its toll, making me pheel not so phabulous the majority of the day on June phifth.

(Plus my purse, which contained my camera, went on hiatus.)

I phinally mustered up the courage to eat something around dinner time (and documented it with my phone).

On Monday, June 6, I grabbed a string cheese on my way to work a half day.

Then, armed with a makeshift purse and new memory card for my camera, Jimmy Crue and I ventured to phoggy San Phrancisco and met Paper Bag and Fargo at Pete’s Tavern in preparation for a ball game.

We caught some nuts at the game… 🙂

Jimmy was VERY proud of his sausage placement for this foto…

Normally, I’d have been phull after all that (and the beer helped) but the game ended up going into super-phabulous extra innings (thank God we were already planning to spend the night with Paper Bag or that drive home would have REALLY been the opposite of phun), so we HAD to stop for some late night pizza before heading back to her place…

All in a day’s work for a diehard Giants phan (and for the record, I am not one of those phairweather phans who just started claiming allegiance to black and orange since they became world champions.  I have, in phact, been a passionate supporter since 1989 and I truly miss Candlestick… well, sometimes I do.  Telephone Company Park is pretty hard to beat!)


Last Day on Earth?

2 Jun

I brought a breakfast of a white nectarine along with me as I phlew my oh so phamiliar route to Portland on Phriday, the 20th.

Perfectly ripe stone phruit is my version of ambrosia…

My phlight was delayed (this was the phirst time I’ve had a delay on this route, which I’ve been phlying monthly for two years now!) and then the rental car company computer crashed, so I made it to class an hour late… leaving no time for real phood.

Unfortunately that translated to me phalling victim to  mini cupcakes:

But then class got out early and me ‘n the girls had enough time to run to Kraven’s for a drink and wings before our next one!  Sadly, the wings were a little sweet and slimy and a lot  gross.

So when we got back to school, I ate a Snickers.  They say they really satisfy…

…Turns out they don’t.

So some nice lady was wandering around school offering some cilantro-phree Mexican phood.  So I said “si”!

It ended up being a good thing I ate so darn much during the day, because when the whole class descended upon the unsuspecting Abella Italian Kitchen for dinner, they didn’t know what him ’em.  It took phorever and a day to get our phood, but when it phinally arrived, it was pretty tasty.

I ordered the Chianti Burger to show support for National Hamburger Month.  I ditched most of the bread, because it wouldn’t phit in my mouth.

Ha!  That’s what she said…

I then got “tagged” on my way out the door after dinner.  I assure you this had absolutely nothing to do with the entire bottle of sparkling wine I consumed single-handedly.

What???  I was having my phinal hurrah before the rapture, of course!

A group of us got hotel rooms close to campus that night and classes it up with some Mini Phig Newtons for dessert.  They paired excellently with the second bottle of sparkling…

Amazingly, when I got up the next morning, I did NOT pheel like death… nor did the world end at 6pm.

Only one of these was surprising to me.

Philanthropy & Phriends

30 May

I had the distinct pleasure of joining Carmel Valley Rotary for their PICS (Partners in Community Service) presentation day.  The Rotarians disperse $1000 to phive local elementary and middle schools and allow the students to select a deserving local nonprofit to receive the phunds.  My organization was lucky enough to be selected by Carmel Middle School.  The entire process was amazing and the actual presentations were heart warming beyond belief.

So while the salad I started my day with was anything but memorable, the event that provided the opportunity to consume said salad was unforgettable.

I met some of my most phavorite  3 1/2 phriends from out-of-town at Sticks for dinner.  We started with their calamari which was pretty tasty.

I also promised my very phavorite of those phriends that her hand could make a cameo appearance on the blog, hence the “action” shot…

I only had a small bite of the artichoke, but it deserved a shout out… not bad either.

The wings, however… not so much.  I ate two before losing interest.

Thankfully my dinner companions would have made any dish enjoyable.

We tried the Caramel Corn for dessert, which sounded like an exciting novelty for a restaurant.  We all complained about it to each other.  It was cold and soggy and just not what we had envisioned.

That being said, we polished the whole thing off in a matter of moments, so it can’t have been all that bad… 😉

I used to love these chocolate fruit sticks as a kid (my German step-grandmother would always have them at her house) so I couldn’t resist when they came with the bill.

All in all, a truly wonderful day philled with phabulous people. I’m one lucky gal!

Birthday Rule #7: Indulgence is Imperative.

20 May

Being a gal who has a constant craving for the phiner things in the culinary world, it would stand to reason that I celebrate my birthday each year with phood.

My traditional birthday breakfast has become something I look phorward to throughout the year… and with that chemical plastic cheesy goodness, can you blame me?

(As a side note, the Sausage McMuffin was a drive thru error in my phavor.  I gave it a shot but quickly realized that there are some things one just should never order at a phast phood joint- sausage being one of them.)

It was a busy work day, so I skipped lunch (not hard after my caloric catastrophe of a breakfast) and ducked out of the office a bit early for my progressive birthday dinner.

“The Republican” (of previous posts’ grilled cheese phame) concocted a plan wherein I didn’t have to choose what phoods I wanted most on my birthday but could, in phact, have them all.

It started at Hula’s for Blood Orange Martinis…

One reveller joined us at this point and helped toss a phew back and noshed on some Spicy Edamame.

Next it was off to Bistro Moulin, where another partner in culinary crime joined us.  The house tapenade and crostini paired wonderfully well with the sparkling rose we polished off… can’t have a birthday without bubbles, right?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times (which really isn’t possible, because other than my brief attempt to make my own escargot in the hot tub drain around age phive, I didn’t start loving the magnificent mollusks until high school- and there is no way I’ve talked about escargot a million times in phifteen years… well, hmm… might be a tiny bit possible…)

The wildest reveller of them all joined us as we pulled up to Rio Grill and dove into some of those delicious Blood Orange Margaritas I’ve mentioned a time or two.  We came for the Blistered Chiles, but I was seduced by the Smoked Pork Belly yet again.

I only captured one order of the chiles for posterity, but let it be known that I personally polished off three plates.  It seemed like a REALLY great idea… until sometime the next morning when I had to seriously question if I had inadvertently swallowed a small, angry troll at some point in the evening that was ready to be let out.

The bread seemed like a good idea to sop up a bit of the chile margarita phiesta occurring inside of me.

The Republican is on this ridiculous “Meatless May” kick (why anyone would do that to themselves, I have zero clue, but all the more power to you… it does some rather un-Republican, however, if you think about it) and thus ordered the Grilled Phlatbread with chickpeas and Cotija cheese.  I honestly don’t remember if I liked it or not.

For the phinal leg of the moveable pheast, we headed to Crown & Anchor for dessert, which, in my language, means wings.  I could lie and recount the tale of their deliciousness, but after the martinis, rose, margaritas and whatever I ordered at Crown, I distinctly remember eating one before deciding it was bedtime for Bonzo.

Does it mean that I’m officially old now that I’m capable of cutting myself off?

Cinco de Montrio

17 May

Before I begin today’s post, I’d like to say how phlattered I am that another local blogger is taking the time to consider her opinion of phoodfotos.  If anyone pheels so inclined to share their thoughts, you can view her post here.

Thursday, the phifth, phlew by!  My coworker was kind enough to bring me some nibbles from Nob Hill so I didn’t skip both breakfast and lunch.

I had meetings after work (in preparation for the Derby Party) and barely made it home in time to go right back out- with a phellow.

He made reservations at Montrio, and we shared the Braised Short Rib Risotto with English peas and brie before moving on to main courses- pretty darn tasty but phell seriously short on pea presence.

I opted for the Roast Duck Breast with sweet onion potatoe galette that was not so phabulous, but thankfully the company was.

We ended the night with cocktails down the street at Crown & Anchor.  Attempting to be mildly ladylike, I ignored the voices in my head screaming for an order of wings for dessert.  Although he’s probably going to read this, so there went that plan…

The Eighth Wonder of the World

29 Apr

Phriday morning possessed no willpower whatsoever, hence why I consumed this highly delicious bran muffin from Peninsula Pastries in its entirety.

I met a phellow for lunch at English Ales Brewery in Marina and indulged in a Dragonslayer IPA and an order of their decadently phried wings.

I did the whole dinner thing in reverse- drinking phirst and eating second.  Not always the best choice, but I enjoyed myself!

The only beverage worth documenting from the evening was the Midas Touch (or “chick beer” as I renamed it).  Phreaking phabulous balance between beer and mead with an awesomely high alcohol content.  Yes, please!

In pursuit of one of my most phavorite joys in life, the phellow I went out with treated me to two delectable slices of pizza at Bellagio Pizzeria.

Anyone who ever tries to claim that tipsy pizza is NOT the eighth wonder of the world can see me after class.

That being said, tipsy pizza does not lend itself well to phoodfoto documentation… but trust me when I say it was wondrous!

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