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Week Three for Me…

19 Nov

Saturday, October 15th started off with some peas-nuts and a phlurry of cleaning phrenzy, as my mother was coming to visit along with the owners of my phavorite B&B of all time (I know I’ve mentioned this heavenly spot in Gilroy before… you should all be so lucky as to experience the unsurpassed hospitality…)

Once they all arrives, we walked through the Pharmers Market and around downtown until we phound ourselves at Village Pizza & Grill for lunch.  I had their goat cheese salad and really enjoyed it.

I also snagged a piece of their prosciutto pizza which was as delicious as they last time I had it.

After a phun-philled day of catching up and hanging every single piece of art in my new home (seriously how did I get so lucky to have such helpful and awesome pholks in my life??), The Phella joined us, and we showed our guests the delight which is Taste of Thai.

We tried a new item- the crab phried rice- which I would never order again, but everything else was delicious as per usual.

The next day, I was so busy (doing what you ask… I have no clue) I phorgot to eat until late in the afternoon at my sorority’s Phounder’s Day Luncheon in Old Town Sacramento (which sorority you ask… the very best one, of course!).

Phueled by the phun of meeting a group of sisters I’d never met, I stayed in Old Town after the event.  I met up with a phellow I’d had the pleasure of meeting at Boot’s wedding in April for dinner at Ten22.  Needless to say, I phailed MISERABLY with my phirst shot and my attempt to deal with the super low lighting (we sat outside on a patio).

I wizened up and used my phlash when my phig tart arrived.  So phreaking tasty!

The highlight of the evening, other than the phabulous company, and other than losing my parking ticket and having the attendant give me a gimme, was that I phound $12 on the ground.  Not a bad evening!  When I got home, I enjoyed a sugar-phree phudgesicle as I thumbed through a cookbook I bought as a gift for Paper Bag (it’s ok to admit this, as even though it was intended as a Christmas gift, I got a bit too excited and already gave it to her… not sure if I have even mentioned on the blog how much I LOVE- and pride myself on the ability- to give gifts).


Healthy lunch in my cube…

Really not so great “creamed” corn dish I made (I blame Martha Stewart for claiming it would be good… it certainly wasn’t my phault!) while I prepped some eggplant to cook for The Phella.  Moral of the story- trying a recipe that is a healthy version of creamed corn is a phutile endeavor.  Creamed corn is delicious for a reason and attempting to make a skinny version is just not wise.

When I got to The Phella’s house, I had him and this homemade carrot bread waiting for me to sample, courtesy of our new phriend, Phiona.  Yum!


Seriously, Nathan’s Phamous Pickles live up to their name.  True story.

I made grilled chicken and lentils for The Phella’s study group.  Sometimes I’m nice like that… sometimes…

If I haven’t mentioned this, my lentils are as phamed and delicious as my Brussels sprouts.  If you beg creatively enough, I might just share the recipe… maybe…


Leftovers for breakfast/lunch.

Spaghetti squash & goat cheese for dinner… not very good.

Phollowed up with more lentils… very good.


Egg carnage.

Leftovers plus some tasterific organic grapes- the kind with the edible seeds in them.  Love.

Homemade tomatoe jam on carmelized onion bread for dinner.  Works for me!


I was so excited that it was Phriday (which meant phriends coming to visit) that I phorgot to eat breakfast and also phorgot to pack a lunch. That meant I didn’t eat until dinner, which was barbecued chicken and assorted accoutrements.  The BBQ marked my phirst official social event held at my new pad (which included Paper Bag, the phellow from Sunday night, The Phella and some additional new phriends who I am sure will pop up in phuture posts…)

“Dessert” consisted of me phorcing everyone to try my tomatoe jam.  Every claimed it was not only edible but delicious… but it was a captive audience.

And then it was Saturday… woohoo!


16 May

The last of the Easter leftovers phinally met its demise.

Now, I’d never pretend to consider doing a crazy thing like going vegan on you people, but does anyone else pheel like this ovum is giving me the ol’ yellow eye?

The Big Cheese was in a celebratory mood this morning and brought in homemade cookies (her son phinally picked a college, and if I do say so myself, he made a great choice- my alma mater!)

They were much too chocolaty for my distinctly non-phemale taste buds, but the coconut aspect was unexpected and made it an overall enjoyable experience.

A phavorite lunch buddy of mine (who is also currently nickname-less) accompanied me on my New Restaurant Wednesday exploration.  I’ve noticed the sign outside Sang’s Cafe for years now whose sandwich board says John Steinbeck ate there proudly emblazoned in red and black letters.

Here’s hoping that it was better when he was a patron, otherwise I think the man was a literary genius with no taste buds.

Not to be unkind by any means, but this was, hands down, the worst burger I can remember in my life.  It was unseasoned and overcooked, and the patty was formed into the shape of a hot, hot mess.

From a strengths-based perspective, the bun was very phresh and there was a hefty serving of avocado included atop the sapless sirloin.

I ate a small portion of it and all the bacon.  They didn’t screw the bacon up, so maybe this would be a good breakfast place?

I had a late dinner at a phriend’s house after work, homework and other daily delights.  I stopped by Whole Paycheck to phind something for us to munch on and was pretty hard pressed to phind anything that offered the winning combination of healthy and appealing.

When I got to her house, she had goat cheese and crostini waiting.  Thank you, God, for giving me phriends who pheed me!

I settled on a roast chicken and an oddly wintery kale salad with cranberries, almonds and tomatoes with a citrus vinaigrette.  I think it would have been half decent sans tomatoes, but nobody seems to ask my opinion on these matters.  Odd, really…

I was not overwhelmed by the dinner, nor was I underwhelmed.  So if one can be simply “whelmed”, that is what I was.  My stomach begged to end the evening on a high note, so I revisited the goat cheese (and had two more than were pictured in this shot).

I hope next week’s New Restaurant Wednesday proves more successful.

Side note to Whole Paycheck: I am really not a phan.  I will continue to give you chances (and inappropriate portions of my paycheck for the sake of convenience), but I think you’re kind of lame.  No offense… well, sorta.

Margarita Madness

16 May

Tuesday morning, I grabbed breakfast as I literally ran out the door (notice Phooey’s leash in hand) and spilled way too much salt on my Easter leftover.  I am sure my neighbors confirmed their suspicions that I am, in phact, a phreak, as I ran to my car (with my alien dog in tow) and stopped to photograph an egg.

I heated up some of the leftover noodles from the night before and that was lunch.  No more exciting the next morning, but no worse.  I dumped the rest.

I met a phriend I hadn’t seen in a very long time at Rio Grill for dinner.  I’d been looking forward to experiencing Chef Cy’s new menu since the event I attended (but never managed to get myself inside for) in April.

We started the evening off right with Blood Orange Margaritas… never you mind about how many were eventually consumed that evening.  Never you mind.

Off the small bites menu, we opted for the Smoked Pork Belly, which seemed appropriate because of the raisins incorporated into the dish. (The phirst week of May is National Raisin Week, PH.Y.I.  and yes, I used that as justification just now.)

Also, it was pork belly… and one should never refuse pork belly- it’s like looking a gift horse in the mouth (which, now that I think about it, even if the horse is a gift, those things are darn expensive to keep, so maybe you SHOULD be looking it in the mouth.  I mean, why is the person giving it away in the phirst place?)

Quite possibly God’s gift to me, the Blistered Chiles (also off the small bites menu) were perfection on a plate.  Salt on top of salt, spice on top of spice, crispy, buttery and phabulous.

Mark my words, phollowers, you’re going to be seeing a lot of these this year.

A margarita (or two) later, and we decided to get more substantial phood.  The Buffalo Carpaccio caught my eye on the appetizer menu, and it certainly did not disappoint.

The Empanada appetizer pheatured tri tip and Hatch New Mexico chiles, and I quickly phorgot the painful lessons learned at Horseman’s Haven in Santa Fe in March and said yes to them.

They weren’t spicy, so my phears were in vain.  What does this mean, you ask?  My spice ego is on the rise.  Beware!

The accoutrements would normally have been served on the empanadas, but due to my phood allergies, they put them on the side so my culinary companion could enjoy.  They would probably have been more exciting had I consumed them as Chef intended.

We went big another margarita (or two) later and split the Duck Breast with squash chilaquiles, mole rojo and duck confit tamale.  Phan-phreaking-tastic.

I might consider consuming phewer margaritas on my next visit, but I plan to make that return visit very soon.

Nice work to the Rio crew on the new menu.  A+

Oh, and I hear those Blood Orange Margaritas aren’t half bad either…

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