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Phather’s Day

14 Aug

I got a bit of a late start to my Sunday after Mrs. Olive Bedlam had reared her phearsome head the past evening… peanut butter crackers and some goat’s milk got me back on track.

I got to work making a spread for dinner, as it was Phather’s Day, so I was hosting my Pops, Gramms, her boyfriend, Jack Attack, my friend, Cricket, and Alabama.

No phamily celebration is complete without deviled eggs- and I got all phancy this time and piped the mixture into the whites.  I phelt very “Martha”.

We munched on cabernet-soaked cheese, crackers and cherries before dinner.

Dinner was an assortment of steaks (I selected top sirloin myself), grilled artichokes and twice-baked potatoes (which I also got phancy with and piped the philling for…)

My Pops’ phavorite candy is Heath Bar, and my Gramms’ phavorite dessert is an ice cream sundae, hence Heath Bar ice cream sundaes for everyone for dessert!  Very simple but INCREDIBLY well received.  I even ate all of mine- and as most of you know, I pretty much hate dessert…

Phun phamily phestivities for Phather’s Day. 🙂

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