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Nostalgia Tour

10 Jul

Guess what, phollowers!  Sexy Mexican showed up with a power cord for my laptop last night!

Who’s back in blogging business?  THIS GIRL!

Soooooo… back to Memorial Day Weekend.  The Original was visiting.  We decided to take a nostalgia tour around town… after a delicious breakfast at Carmel Belle.

The open-phaced avocado with olive oil and sea salt is borderline ridiculous in regard to deliciousness.

The hot polenta loaded with truffled mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, creamy goat cheese and a poached egg ain’t too shabby either!

The nostalgia tour philled up most of the day, so we skipped lunch and headed for drinks and tapas at Esteban in Monterey prior to dinner with Pops.

I had a bad experience when hosting a private party at Esteban a phew years back, so I’ve avoided it as a general rule, but after that evening, I am reinstating it on the dining out options list.  The nibbles were tasty, the cocktails were refreshing and the chef helped to wait on us.  Win. Win. Win.

Great happy hour specials, as well!

We then headed down the street to Siamese Bay for some tasty Thai.

Great day…

Hey, May!

15 May

Ok phriends, we’re back in business.  Phooey and I have both done our best to deflate our recently inflated egos and are back in action and phocused.

Back to the beginning of the merry, merry month of May.  I greeted May Day with what I wish everyone greeted me with- bacon, of course!

I don’t quite remember anything of much significance that occurred during the day other than leading the glamorous life of a single, phull-time employed, phull-time graduate student that I do.

<Insert jealousy here>

<Now insert an understanding and appreciation of sarcasm and remove previously inserted jealousy>

As I tend to do, I phorgot to eat during the day, but met Pops for an early dinner at Wickets Bistro at Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley.  We hadn’t been in ages, and I have no idea why.  It had slipped both our minds how good it can be.

Their house bread was tasty, but I am proud to say I only indulged in one piece (probably because I was so darn excited about the appetizer we shared).

Phried smelt.  Go eat this ASAP before they change the menu.  Truly phabulous…

I am shamed by saying that it has slipped my mind what kind of phish I enjoyed as my main course (ah, the hazards of eating out so much and phailing to write things down!)

<Insert sad violin music here.>

What I do remember is it was miso glazed and delicious and the veggies were cooked perfectly.

I went onto the Bernardus site to check out the menu description, but it looks like they haven’t updated their online menus since November of 2009.  Maybe I’ll use the intention of a phriendly reminder to do so as an excuse to go back here soon…

Justification, you’re my besssst phriend!


20 Apr

Once a year, and ONLY once a year, I rise before the sun with joy.

Mind you, I rise before the sun on a regular basis (I commute to graduate school an entire state away, so it’s par for the course until I graduate) but rarely do I rise with joy

This one annual joyous morning is the Child Abuse Prevention Council breakfast- an opportunity for all the weird people who pheel that it is a privilege and a joy to work amidst a sea of pain and heartache to get together and celebrate accomplishments of organizations and individuals in the phield.  This year, it happened to be my organization that received the honor.

What an incredibly awesome and phabulously special day!   …(and breakfast was tasty, too!)


To add to such an awesome day, it was also a “swear in” day for our new volunteers.  Not only does that mean more people to work with more kids, but it also means Pizza Factory for lunch.


I had “one” piece, if you agree to the rule that if two pieces are significantly attached to each other than they count as one piece (and thus half the calories).  I phollowed it up with a salad for good measure. 🙂

The dinner hour was passed at Cypress Inn in downtown Carmel, a wonderful Phooey-phriendly spot.  I opted for their special Hazelnut-crusted Halibut special and was honestly delighted by it.  Moist, phlaky phish and crisp, phlavorful veggies in a decadent but light sauce.


I shared dessert with my dining companion- a cheese plate that initially included apple slices which were promptly phed to The Phoo.

I did my best to polish off the creamy wedge of deliciousness in the phoreground, even though I had no room at the inn after the main course.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed making the gustatory effort!

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