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August Rush

20 Sep


One upon a time, there was a girl with a blog.  She loved the blog very, very much and looked phorward to working on it each day.  Then her life turned upside down, and she began to neglect the blog.

See, one could blame The Phella, partially, because by getting back together, that put moving into the works.  Moving requires a lot- job searching, house searching, purging, packing, pharewelling… you get the picture.

THEN you actually phind all those things and actually move… and that leads to not having internet.  And that, my phriends, makes blogging rather difficult.

So where does that put us, you ask?  It puts us in Davis (well, San Diego at this exact moment visiting phriends before having to return to a horribly disorganized, half unpacked, very small and oven-less house in Davis) with lots of catching up to do.

Below is August 1 through August 27.  I saved the rest of the month for its own post because of an amazing themed birthday party I went to where the phood most certainly warranted its own post.

And hopefully, by the end of this week, we’ll be back in real time.  And we can explore the culinary options available to an oven-less Davis neophyte such as myself…

Bite the Bullet Blitzkrieg (July 18-29)

5 Sep

Time to bite the bullet and legitimately catch up, phollowers!

Below is a gallery of everything consumed between July 18 and July 29.  Each has a brief descriptor attached to it, but pheel phree to comment if you have any questions.  My apologies to the wonderful phoodie sidekicks who did not get mentioned due to my extreme behindedness.  Let it be known that those I choose to dine with (and those that are kind/crazy enough to choose to dine with me) are phabulous pholks!

More coming right up!

July 11, 12, 13, 14

27 Aug

So I’ll cut the crap and throw some honesty into the mix.

He stopped being the ex-phella and reclaimed his phella status almost the moment he came back into the picture…  thus a partial excuse for my continued downward spiral of delayed blog posts…  So now you know  (although I’m pretty sure everyone had already connected the dots).

Back to the phood!

July 11 breakfast- PB on toast

Soup and broccoli salad at Portobello’s for lunch

Chips at The Whole Enchilada in Moss Landing (dinner with the Phella and my phavorite aunties)

Cucumber Margarita

Castroville Tostada

July 12- Raspberries

Roasted Corn, Onion, Pheta, Avocado & Basil Salad

Taco’s Choice Sweet Potatoe Phries

Phish Tacos

More Grilled Cheese at London Bridge Pub

July 13- String Cheese


The Phella and I enjoyed an impromptu night away in Cambria and tried Robin’s for dinner.

Pickled Market Vegetables (most delicious shiitake mushrooms I have ever had in my life- hands down)


“Borrowed” a bite of his steak

Made a sizable dent in my lasagna

July 14- Started with a delicious breakfast in the gardens at Cambria Pines Lodge (included in the price of our stay and very enjoyable!)

I had to head back to work in the early afternoon, so made myself another BLC for lunch.

I had a quick mug of Phrench Onion soup (Campbell’s from a can from the liquor store next door) in honor of Bastille Day… I’d have much rather been celebrating at Bistro Moulin!

After work, I met Georgia for a late dinner at Casa Sorrento.  We tried their wings (not good enough to order again) and a pizza (which was quite yummy).

Good times…

June’s Roaring Twenties (Part Two)

20 Aug

June 25…

Breakfast at Grandma’s Kitchen with the ex-phella AND Alabama and his phamily.

Now that wasn’t awkward in the slightest!

Attempt #2 at eating some hummus (also not successful)…

Cheerios for lunch (wasn’t pheeling so hot, so I backed out on my phun plans with the Sexy Mexican and stayed on the couch).

Cooked up some phingerling potatoes for dinner but only ate two.

Also made buffalo chicken drumsticks (I ate one).

June 26…

Grilled hot dogs, green onions and beer for breakfast/lunch.  Phooey was just a tinge jealous.

A Pharewell Dinner for Alabama with some phriends at Crystal Phish

Tako sunomono


Mussel shooters

Hamachi Kama

Volcano Roll

Sake Bomb (not a good choice after not pheeling so good for a phew days)

Spicy Edamame for a phinal phinal at Hula’s down the street

June 27…

Happy string cheese for breakfast

Pistachio phrozen yogurt with grape nuts for a midday snack

Hard Hat made me a cheese quesadilla when I got back to the office.

The ex-phella and I went to Thai Bistro for dinner and tried a phew things.

I wasn’t a phan of these guys…

Their Larb Kai didn’t hold a candle to Siamese Bay‘s…

Don’t remember what this was specifically, but I sampled it and thought it was the best of what we ordered.

June 28…

“Sausage” for breakfast

Phorgot to take time for lunch so scarfed down a ton of tasty nibbles at book club…

…then dashed over to London Bridge in time for trivia.  I had a half a grilled cheese waiting for me, but it had gotten cold and tasted horrible, so I only had two bites.

June 29…

I tried some of Sparky’s gluten-phree pasta.  It made me reconfirm my love of gluten.

I made a green chile stew for lunch, using ingredients I’d brought back from my trip to Santa Phe.

I had a work event at Chateau Julien at night, and they put out a super tasty spread of cheese, crackers, phruit and nuts.

I then headed over to Pops’ house and had dinner with him.

And June 30… to phinish off the month (only a month and a half late!)

Bacon to start the day!

Chile Rellenos from a place down the street I’d never tried.  Not very good and my stomach issues from the weekend before came back, so let it be said that this didn’t “stick with me” for long.

Phooey, Work BFF and I met The Phoositter for drinks and dinner at Cypress Inn.  I don’t remember what this was called but it tasted like a cream soda… with booze in it.  Hello!

I can NEVER resist wasabi peas…

The Phoositter and I shared a tasty burger, while Phooey phlirted his night away with his very phavorite ladies.

And June is phinally phinished… phew!

Yes, I Realize I am Almost Two Months Behind…

11 Aug

After a rousing evening of phun in the ER, I started my morning with one overwhelmingly lucky, significantly sore and amusingly doped up on pain medication ex-phella in my house and a bowl of greek yogurt with jam.

It was my organization’s annual golf tournament, so I ran around doing errands and missed the phancy lunch at Pasadera.  I pilfered half a cookie as I headed back to the office.

I phound sunflower seeds in my desk and made that my afternoon snack…

I then headed to Siamese Bay with Alabama for some Larb Kai…

…some Pad Thai…

…and whatever this was that I ordered on accident…

…which I didn’t exactly love but wasn’t bad.  The rest was delectable as per usual.

The rest reinvented itself as the next day’s lunch.  Combined with some cayenne pepper, it was much more enjoyable (for me, at least… the girl who is 99% sure she  phried her taste buds off years ago…)

After work, I picked up the ex-phella and dragged him along to trivia with me (ok, yes, there was very little dragging involved because A. he loves and knows more trivia than I do and B. you can’t really drag someone with a separated shoulder without severe consequences.)

I had yet another grilled cheese at London Bridge Pub during trivia… and vowed it would be my last.

We then celebrated LMDB.com’s birthday with a decadent phruity cake…

I must admit that much to my embarrassment, by writing this post, I realize that I am STILL in possession of Miss LMDB.com’s birthday present- now almost two months late.  I should win some sort of phriendship award for that… and not the good kind!

Grilled Cheese, continued…

18 Apr

Sometimes work gets in the way of my day.  It’s very phrustrating.  Tuesday was one of those days…  I had thrown yogurt in my purse and noticed it around 10:30, so breakfast was, in phact, consumed.


The majority of the staff went to a training that lasted all afternoon, and of course, we were running late to get there.  Driving on the back roads of Salinas, we stumbled upon a hidden locals’ phavorite- the Della-Rose Deli.

The place was jam-packed with a line out the door of pholks ordering off the very tasty looking sandwich board.  We were in a rush, so we grabbed the pre-packaged salads and were back on our way.  I had incredibly low expectations, as I cannot tell you when I’ve ever had a pre-made salad that I was truly excited to eat.

This pleasantly surprising chicken cobb was phresh, phlavorful and philling.  Hooray for pre-made salads!

The trainer provided us with phun toys and snacks during the phour hour class, so I decided to indulge just a wee bit.

A motley crew of aspiring trivia buffs gathered together at the London Bridge Pub for  a night of phood, drink and useless information.  Three of us kept the grilled cheese celebration alive by ordering it off the menu.  The phanciness of the sando scared me at phirst- it had three kinds of cheese, roasted red peppers and olives on nine grain bread, but my oh my am I glad I gave the little guy a chance.

Seriously one of the best grilled cheeses I’ve had… ever.

I hope this month doesn’t ruin me on grilled cheese.  Wait… like that’s possible!

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