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29 May

Being the sharpest tool in the shed, I phorgot to eat breakfast and lunch on Sunday.  Good thing my pseudo-phamily had me over for dinner as a belated birthday pheast.

We started with my phavorite olives from Whole Paycheck (I am mildly obsessed with the big green ones- Castelvetranos).

The pseudo-phamily went all phancy on me and served up some delicious cucumber dill bites (on which I most definitely pigged out).

For the main event, we pheasted on steak, roast potatoes and broccolini… I did not photo document my second helping, so make sure to envision it in your mind’s eye.

We phinished up the gorging with a phenomenal Bundt cake (and I channelled My Big Fat Greek Wedding voice as I ate each bite).

Psuedo-phamily, I for real love you and will come eat your phood (and provide entertainment) whenever you’ll have me!

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