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Phoodfotos is not dead.

6 Mar

Guess who’s back, phriends?!?

Did ya miss me, because I sure did- missed you, that is, ‘cuz I’ve been with myself this whole time.

I have a litany of arguably legitimate excuses. Pick your phavorite…

  • I got a new job.  It’s a big, phancy one that requires a lot of effort and comes with impressive business cards.
  • I moved.  Same town, new place… big enough for more than one person- and I’ve got an oven. 🙂
  • I’ve been dieting and eating such boring phood nobody would probably want to see it anyway. But I bake like a madwoman and just pawn it all off on my coworkers.
  • I was the sole victim of a long anticipated actual zombie apocalypse and have just recently rejoined the land of the living.
  • I got engaged in August and my life has become a phrenzy of nothing but wedding mumbo jumbo.  Mumbo jumbo, in this context, refers to assigning high levels of importance to typically mundane items such as napkins, envelopes and such.

So here I am.  Let it be known that I have, indeed, continued to photograph every meal, every snack, every bite over my approximated 20 calorie threshold. As the months have passed, I’ve lost the desire to continue the blog, tried to get myself to stop snapping fotos, and then realizing my deep longing to write about it all, tried to get myself back in the blogging swing of things.  Then came the writer’s block of how to ease my way back into your hearts, in a charming, disarming and seemingly effortless way.  Once I kicked that goal to the curb, I finally got myself to sit down and be nothing but honest.

Hence, I’m back. And it pheels oh so good!

I’m not sure how I will approach my coming posts, but I want to say thanks to you weirdos who have stuck with me through my hiatus.  Y’all are phabulous.

My next post will be our proposal story (no this won’t become a wedding blog, other than to showcase the awesome phood we’ve selected for our reception!) but, shockingly, The Phella proposed at a restaurant (weird, right?  it’s not like I like phood or anything…) and the phood fotos that evening are equal parts beautiful, comical and bling-ified (if that’s a word… if not then translate to obnoxious pictures of my rock…)

So until next time, which I swear won’t be long, I will bid you adieu!


MARCHing to my own beat.

28 Jun

So what if it’s almost July and I’m just now posting March, right?  Right.

Here’s a hasty overview of the highlights:

  • The Phella’s Birthday (someday I promise to do a special post on what we did to celebrate, as it was phreakish, phun and phood-related)


  • A phew phabulous dinners at my new phavorite restaurant, Ficelle


  • Eating my pheelings when excrement hit the phan at work




  • A dog birthday party (on St. Patrick’s Day)


  • A stop at home for a visit to Salinas City BBQ because I had missed it so much!



  • Proof that Lucky Charms are similar to crack cocaine in my book…

New Year, New Phocus!

9 Jan

Oh, my phaithful phollowers, how I have missed you!

It’s been a phull holiday season for this lazy blogger… complete with a bit of dieting, a lot of overindulgence, a cruise to the Mexican Riviera, a phamily death and a new phour-legger being added to the mix… but I digress.

Time for a  new year and a new phocus!

Y’all rocked it in regard to responses from my last post- that poll was really helpful!  While the overwhelming (and phabulous) majority of you voted to keep phoodfotos as it is, a phairly significant percentage asked for more recipes and such.  You guys actually want me to cook???

This would be me... if I had an oven.

Obviously, herein lies the benefit of experiencing what I eat virtually instead of physically (unless The Phella is reading this… if so, then my apologies my dear, sweet boy and God bless you for your strong stomach and seemingly unending appetite!) – my skills in the kitchen have REALLY deteriorated over the years.  But no more!  I am ready to take on the kitchen phull stop.  I will beat, whisk, chop and [not bake] it into my slave.

Here’s the new spin… wait for it, wait for it… (are you doing one of those annoying drum roll noises right now?)… I’m going to phocus on dropping the phat and becoming exponentially phabulous.  Now, I don’t mean phat as in cool, because clearly I will always be that (in my own mind if nowhere else)… but phat as in the thirty odd extra pounds of crapola I’m hauling around.

Enough is enough.

Less phat, more phab will be my 2012 mantra.

I can do this… with your help.

Inspired by this (and the phact that the Bridesmaid’s Diet is searched almost every day on my blog), the phollowing poll contains an assortment of popular diets.

Today, The Phella and I are starting the Special K Challenge together to get things started.  For the next two weeks, I will be documenting that process (after updating you (with help from my new laptop!) on the rest of November and December’s phood consumption… which, if I do say so myself… really went out with a bang thanks to the 24-hour pizza and phrozen yogurt bar on our cruise!)

Sadly, this is no longer considered a viable solution to cruise buffets. Pity...

By Phebruary, I will start with one of the diets you pick and try it for one month.  If I don’t absolutely phall in love with it, I will switch to a new one the next month, and so on.  I will read up on each one, teach you what I learn and pherret out delicious recipes, because I believe phirmly that with proper planning (and enough hot sauce), healthy phood CAN actually be enjoyable.  Part of me just wrote that so I could try to believe it… that whole goals are more successful when you write them down concept and all that jazz…

Looks like a balanced meal to me!

So my catch up posts are headed your way this evening, but speak now or phorever hold your peace!  Until then, I’ll be enjoying my cereal.

…and P.S.  Not a single person mentioned by PH abuse.  Thus, the phloggings will continue until morale improves!

October 29 to November 4 (commentary phree)

15 Dec

My laptop, probably due to pheeling overwhelmingly phull after almost an entire year of phood fotos, has decided to go through its death throes.  So the next phew posts will be spartan, at best… just the phood, none of my babble.

Not to worry, I will work this out.  I am a technological wizard.  Except the opposite.  But whatever…

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