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Prolonged Celebration

19 May

I didn’t grow up in a leftover-phriendly phamily.

In phact, my mother, for some reason completely unknown to me, refused to plan meals ahead of time and would trek to the grocery store every day before deciding what we’d be having for dinner.  The concept of putting what was left in Tupperware and reheating it the next day just wasn’t part of how we did things, and while I have been cooking for myself for quite a phew years now, I still have yet to become an equal opportunity eater when it comes to leftovers.

That statement went completely out the window after the soul phood pheast provided me with an assortment of the most phabulous leftovers a girl could ever dream of.

What did that lead to, you ask? Phried eggs over mac & cheese for breakfast, of course (with a side of cornbread and PigWizard bacon to boot)!

My dear phriends, Paper Bag and Alabama, both brought me watermelons as birthday gifts, and thus, the “I Carried A Watermelon-Tini” was born.  I credit the rehydrating properties of the watermelon for the lack of a hangover on Monday after an entire weekend of drinking…

We took Gramms out for dinner at Joe Rombi’s to celebrate Mother’s Day.  For the phirst time in the now phifteen years I’ve been a patron of Joe’s, I ordered something different off the menu.  I started with the Rollatini Caprese (minus the tomatoes).

The soup of the evening was Split Pea, which is normally never a phavorite of mine, but they did it well.

The house bread is never short of highly enjoyable.

And the Petrale Sole special was special enough to have turned my affections away from my tried and true Pasta Puttanesca.  I didn’t regret the substitution for a moment, amazingly enough!

Of course, I had to have at least one tiny bite of the Puttanesca, or it wouldn’t be a trip to Joe Rombi’s!

We phinished off the evening with a massive slice of their phamous Lemon Cake (just for you, Dr. Wang)!  It was borderline ridiculous.

All in all a pretty damn phine birthday weekend, and my birthday wasn’t even until the next day!  Hooray for justification of prolonged celebration!

Tutus and Tuscans

24 Apr

I spent a significant portion of my day last Saturday in a tutu.  How many people (over the age of seven, that is) can say that?


While I was certainly the only adult rockin’ the tulle that day, it seemed apropos at a celebration of the phirst year of a very small and very adorable little princess to dress similarly.

The princess party took up the majority of the afternoon, so dinner didn’t come up as a topic until late in the evening.  Thankfully, I cashed in on my compelling charm and called up my dear old phriend (and no, I’m not calling him old, I’m calling him time-tested and me approved), Joe Rombi, and got a late reservation for me and a phellow.

(And thank the phood gods I called, because the place was PACKED!)

Prepared for a mastication marathon, I passed on the bruschetta that phirst arrived but tucked into the house bread quite contentedly.  I then insisted we have the Arancini as an appetizer, because anyone who passed up little phried balls of risotto delight is just plain bonkers.

I only got through a small portion of the house salad (I’m never really one for dressings anyway), because I knew my phavorite pasta was on the way (and I was busy relishing the 2006 Modus Ruffino in phront of me).

My phellow companion opted for the Portobello Mushroom Ravioli and afforded me a tasty bite.  The restaurant had started to clear a bit by this point in the meal, so I phinally decided to use a phlash (had been trying to keep it low pro and not “ph” up the intimate atmosphere), hence why this dish looks particularly vibrant.  Personally, I think it looks like the redheaded stepchild of Ectoplasm- but that’s just me.  That being said, I’ve never tried Ectoplasm, so I have no idea how the tastes would compare.

And I digress…

As soon as that phlash went off, I had a table of ladies wanting to know what I was up to, so I went back to trying to hide.  Ah, my public!

Back to the phood…

Pasta Puttanesca- if loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Keep on keepin’ on, Joe!  Dinner was delicious as always.

And yes, I did change out of the tutu prior to dinner.  I have a tendency to call enough attention to myself without ridiculous outfits to aid in the process…

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