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Ladies Day and Night

1 Jun

I stumbled upon this dimpled little citrus at Whole Paycheck and decided to give it a try (I have an unceasing love for ugly things… you’ve seen my dog, right?)

Preggers and I attended the Impower Luncheon at Corral de Tierra Country Club.  We started with a phig, prosciutto and arugula salad.

I tried to resist the bread, but we ended up being the very last table served, and my willpower, which has never been anything to shake a stick at, phailed quickly.

Most everyone dined on a chicken and couscous somethingorother, but the no coriander bubble girl here was hooked up with a vegetarian ravioli instead.  It was really delicious AND I could have gone swimming in the leftover oil… love phoods that are multi-purpose!

I assembled a phew nibbles for myself at the Junior League meeting at Carmel Valley Ranch in the evening.

I phelt very proud of my Macgyver skills when I successfully used the back of a spoon to squeeze out all the phabulous roasted garlic.

I had intended to eat a real dinner after the meeting but was too tired after such a phun meeting…

and I’m actually saying that without sarcasm!

I guess I phelt inspired after a day and night so phull of inspirational ladies!


As an aside, while I am behind on my posts (the phood from today’s post was actually consumed on May 19), today marks the six month anniversary of Phood Fotos!  I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been a part of the phun so phar.

I still love it as much as the day I started, and I’m excited to add some new components to the blog in the coming months (just let me phinish up grad school phirst…)

Michael’s and Mundaka

23 May

I had a booth at the Heald College career phair this morning, and the powers that be were wise enough to realize that the powers that be, for me, are located in my stomach.

The event lasted until 2pm, so this held me over and prevented me from becoming the no good very bad horrible person I can become when I get overly hungry…

I met an old phriend for lunch at Michael’s Grill & Taqueria in Salinas on my way back from the career phair.

They have a solid taco salad that hit the spot.

I had dinner at Mundaka… with a phellow.

Their Ravioli (ricotta, egg, chantrelles and pancetta) was delectable.

The phellow had never been before, so I ordered Croquetas even though I had them not too long ago.  Delicious as per usual.

Tasty house bread like always…

I’ve enjoyed the Rusa (tuna, potatoes, peas, carrots and a phorty minute egg) a phew times now, mostly because I am obsessed with eggs, and the concept of a slow cooked phorty minute egg is irresistable).

The dish was saltier than the past times I’ve had it and was the least enjoyable of what we ordered.

The Calabacin is back on the menu… not sure I can express how happy this makes me!

I ventured outside of the box (I was in charge of ordering) and tried something new- the braised pork Lasagna.  Well received by both parties…

Everything went wonderfully well with the Vinho Verde I always enjoy when dining at Mundaka, and I am happy to report that the company held up under a second round of scrutiny.

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