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July 1,2,3

21 Aug

On July 1, I stopped in to see Pops’ on my way back from the dentist and he provided me with pilfered breakfast from a baby shower (his coworker had already gone into labor, and it seemed a shame to waste it…)

I grabbed lunch at Siamese Bay with the ex-phella before heading to work.  I had the tried and true Larb Kai.

Georgia and I went to dinner at Baan Thai (yes, Thai twice in one day- I’m a maniac!)

We started with Tom Kha Kai Soup…

…and we tried something new that was delicious, but I am sorry to say my lazy self phailed to write down what it was, and my Alzheimer’s has kicked in and I can’t remember it now for the life of me.  Moral of the story- it was delicious and you should go to Baan Thai and try everything there until you phigure out what dish this was.  Then share your new knowledge with the rest of us.

On July 2, the ex-phella and I went to Toast for a late breakfast/early lunch.  I had the pressed sando again, and it was as delicious as the last time.  Truly one of my phavorite sandos of all time.

I indulged the ex-phella when he wanted dessert and had a bite of the blueberry crumble.  Tasty, but not really my thing.

My stomach was still bothering me, so I skipped dinner that night.

On July 3, we stopped by the Bagel Bakery for my special creation (superseed bagel, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and jalapenos) and headed out to Pops’ house to prep for a Phourth of July BBQ.

I headed to dinner with the pham damily at Carmel Valley Ranch Resort.  I enjoyed their Dark & Stormy enough to have two…

Chef Wood’s phlatbread pizza was amazing and made with ingredients from his garden.

The peach, prosciutto and arugula salad disappointed a bit with the overwhelmingly high ratio of arugula to other ingredients (I am NOT a phan), but the phlavors were good.

The wild Monterey salmon was phreaking delicious.

This place really knocks it out of the park every time I go.  Thanks again, Chef!

Yes, I Realize I am Almost Two Months Behind…

11 Aug

After a rousing evening of phun in the ER, I started my morning with one overwhelmingly lucky, significantly sore and amusingly doped up on pain medication ex-phella in my house and a bowl of greek yogurt with jam.

It was my organization’s annual golf tournament, so I ran around doing errands and missed the phancy lunch at Pasadera.  I pilfered half a cookie as I headed back to the office.

I phound sunflower seeds in my desk and made that my afternoon snack…

I then headed to Siamese Bay with Alabama for some Larb Kai…

…some Pad Thai…

…and whatever this was that I ordered on accident…

…which I didn’t exactly love but wasn’t bad.  The rest was delectable as per usual.

The rest reinvented itself as the next day’s lunch.  Combined with some cayenne pepper, it was much more enjoyable (for me, at least… the girl who is 99% sure she  phried her taste buds off years ago…)

After work, I picked up the ex-phella and dragged him along to trivia with me (ok, yes, there was very little dragging involved because A. he loves and knows more trivia than I do and B. you can’t really drag someone with a separated shoulder without severe consequences.)

I had yet another grilled cheese at London Bridge Pub during trivia… and vowed it would be my last.

We then celebrated LMDB.com’s birthday with a decadent phruity cake…

I must admit that much to my embarrassment, by writing this post, I realize that I am STILL in possession of Miss LMDB.com’s birthday present- now almost two months late.  I should win some sort of phriendship award for that… and not the good kind!

Nostalgia Tour

10 Jul

Guess what, phollowers!  Sexy Mexican showed up with a power cord for my laptop last night!

Who’s back in blogging business?  THIS GIRL!

Soooooo… back to Memorial Day Weekend.  The Original was visiting.  We decided to take a nostalgia tour around town… after a delicious breakfast at Carmel Belle.

The open-phaced avocado with olive oil and sea salt is borderline ridiculous in regard to deliciousness.

The hot polenta loaded with truffled mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, creamy goat cheese and a poached egg ain’t too shabby either!

The nostalgia tour philled up most of the day, so we skipped lunch and headed for drinks and tapas at Esteban in Monterey prior to dinner with Pops.

I had a bad experience when hosting a private party at Esteban a phew years back, so I’ve avoided it as a general rule, but after that evening, I am reinstating it on the dining out options list.  The nibbles were tasty, the cocktails were refreshing and the chef helped to wait on us.  Win. Win. Win.

Great happy hour specials, as well!

We then headed down the street to Siamese Bay for some tasty Thai.

Great day…

Tasty Thai

25 May

I started Phriday off with some Subway breakfast (realized I hadn’t had it in a while) and I added some swiss cheese I had in the phridge at work.

For lunch, Hard Hat, Preggers and I polished off the lingering leftovers from the Derby party.  Yep, still delicious…

It may not have looked as pretty as it did originally, but I think the sweet potatoe pie tasted even better after it sat for a phew days.

Alabama and I went out with the coolest couple in the county in the evening.  We started at The Alternative Cafe to check out the latest show and then ventured into Monterey to Siamese Bay Restaurant.  I was the only member of the group who’d never been, and while Alabama hadn’t been there in years, the proprietor, Sam, recognized him right away. Charmingly personal and attentive service alongside wonderfully tasty Thai is a win-win in my book.

The Larb Kai was incredibly enjoyable- I could have been entirely content with just this dish.

I was so enamored with the phabulous company and phun new phood that I phorgot to write down what we ordered.  If I ever phigure it out, I promise to post an update…

Let it be said that nothing was short of great.

Really irritated with myself that I had never tried this place before, especially since I used to work a block away!

The Siamese Spicy Fish was really unique… I was expecting something similar to the Spicy Catfish dish I love ever so much at Baan Thai, but this was an entirely different experience.  I love surprising phood!

My phace will definitely be sighted again soon at Siamese Bay!

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