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Tasty Thai

25 May

I started Phriday off with some Subway breakfast (realized I hadn’t had it in a while) and I added some swiss cheese I had in the phridge at work.

For lunch, Hard Hat, Preggers and I polished off the lingering leftovers from the Derby party.  Yep, still delicious…

It may not have looked as pretty as it did originally, but I think the sweet potatoe pie tasted even better after it sat for a phew days.

Alabama and I went out with the coolest couple in the county in the evening.  We started at The Alternative Cafe to check out the latest show and then ventured into Monterey to Siamese Bay Restaurant.  I was the only member of the group who’d never been, and while Alabama hadn’t been there in years, the proprietor, Sam, recognized him right away. Charmingly personal and attentive service alongside wonderfully tasty Thai is a win-win in my book.

The Larb Kai was incredibly enjoyable- I could have been entirely content with just this dish.

I was so enamored with the phabulous company and phun new phood that I phorgot to write down what we ordered.  If I ever phigure it out, I promise to post an update…

Let it be said that nothing was short of great.

Really irritated with myself that I had never tried this place before, especially since I used to work a block away!

The Siamese Spicy Fish was really unique… I was expecting something similar to the Spicy Catfish dish I love ever so much at Baan Thai, but this was an entirely different experience.  I love surprising phood!

My phace will definitely be sighted again soon at Siamese Bay!

Broccoli Juice! Are You Crazy??

24 May

I attended the Women’s Fund Breakfast at the Hyatt Regency in the morning and used my phone to quickly snap this shot so all the strangers at my table were not overwhelmed with my own strangeness…

We have a phreakish number of staff birthdays in the March to May range, so Sparky and Hard Hat (the non spring babies) made everyone lunch!  Sparky even roasted each little beet in its own little phoil jacket.  Impressive AND yummy!

All the other birthday pholk had to choke down disgusting carrot cake from The Buttery in Santa Cruz… gross, right?  Thank GOD I was saved such hell and was treated to this decadently moist Black Bottom Cupcake.

Sometimes I actually enjoy being allergic to pineapple (ok, ok, not really, but Bubble Girl needs to take it where she can get it…)

(As a side note, I once tried to name my Calico cat “Black Bottom”.  I phailed at the effort when nobody could understand why, and we ended up naming her something much more creative… “Calico Cat”)

A phew of the staff worked an expo in Salinas in the afternoon/evening, and we took a moment to wander around the event and see the best of what’s around.  I made two totally excellent discoveries…

One was a local company that makes every phlavor of juice you could imagine.  I tried Broccoli juice, and believe you me, it was actually quite palatable!

The second totally excellent discovery was La Plaza Bakery, who had quite the spread of tasty treats, ranging from all sorts of pastries to the little sando that was introduced to my tummy.

We’re quite excited to go try this place in real life!

When I got home, I was too exhausted to cook or go out, so I retreated to the phridge to phind something tasty… and did I ever!

Who DOESN’T think pie for dinner is completely legit?

Ok, that was a rhetorical question.

Birthday Rules

18 May

Birthday rule #1: You can eat as much of whatever you want.

Exhibit A:  Phried chicken, macaroni & cheese, cornbread, collard greens, green beans and sweet tea.

Exhibit B:  Massive seconds of mac & cheese.

Birthday Rule #2:  You can drink as much of whatever you want.

Exhibit A: Mint Juleps.

Birthday rule #3: You don’t have to have birthday cake if you don’t want.

Exhibit A: Sweet Potatoe Pie (There was Peach Cobbler, too, but I stuck with the pie.)

Birthday rule #4: You can justify anything you want.

Exhibit A: Peep S’mores Wrapped in PigWizard Bacon.

Birthday rule #5:  You should be as ridiculous as possible with as many phun people as possible.

Exhibit A: The Kentucky Derby party was a smashing success!

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