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Phorest Theater Phail

14 Aug

Ridiculously exciting breakfast on June 17.

Authentically delicious lunch at Ariana’s Restaurant (yes, that’s twice in one week at the same place) with one of my phabulous mentors.

Appetizers at the Phorest Theater before a riveting performance of Peter & the Wolf.

Tried Stone Creek Kitchen‘s brie, apple & honey baguette sando for dinner- simple but phabulous (thank goodness- because the darn thing put me back seven bucks!)

And ice cream sandos, courtesy of LMDB.com for dessert, which were DEFINITELY the highlight of the evening as they were delicious, number one, and number two- the play was honestly the worst performance I think I’ve ever had the obligation to endure.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am a HUGE phan of community theatre and really enjoy local productions.  I’ve been a supporter, donor, employee, you name it of the Phorest for the majority of my life… and I can remember some of the not so polished shows I’ve seen over the years.  This one, however, should have won some sort of award.  God bless the nice pholks who were a part of it, but bless God for giving them day jobs, too.

I know this sounds horribly mean.  I am mean, as a general rule.  But in this case, I am just calling it like I saw it.  I’m going to go duck now, before the lightning bolts and rotten phruit start heading my direction.


Michael’s and Mundaka

23 May

I had a booth at the Heald College career phair this morning, and the powers that be were wise enough to realize that the powers that be, for me, are located in my stomach.

The event lasted until 2pm, so this held me over and prevented me from becoming the no good very bad horrible person I can become when I get overly hungry…

I met an old phriend for lunch at Michael’s Grill & Taqueria in Salinas on my way back from the career phair.

They have a solid taco salad that hit the spot.

I had dinner at Mundaka… with a phellow.

Their Ravioli (ricotta, egg, chantrelles and pancetta) was delectable.

The phellow had never been before, so I ordered Croquetas even though I had them not too long ago.  Delicious as per usual.

Tasty house bread like always…

I’ve enjoyed the Rusa (tuna, potatoes, peas, carrots and a phorty minute egg) a phew times now, mostly because I am obsessed with eggs, and the concept of a slow cooked phorty minute egg is irresistable).

The dish was saltier than the past times I’ve had it and was the least enjoyable of what we ordered.

The Calabacin is back on the menu… not sure I can express how happy this makes me!

I ventured outside of the box (I was in charge of ordering) and tried something new- the braised pork Lasagna.  Well received by both parties…

Everything went wonderfully well with the Vinho Verde I always enjoy when dining at Mundaka, and I am happy to report that the company held up under a second round of scrutiny.

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