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June Phifteen and Sixteen

14 Aug

June phifteenth…

Lunch with Sparky at Ariana’s Restaurant– Avocado Salad, delicious as always.

The liquor store next door provided me with a healthy afternoon snack of a Big Hunk- don’t you worry, it very clearly says “low phat”!

Alabama and I went to dinner at Baan Thai with Marley’s parents. Have I mentioned lately how much I phreaking love this place?

I introduced our guests to Yum Woo Sen (but pretty sure I hogged the majority of it).

Alabama ordered the Pad Thai and was kind enough to share.

We then went and tried out Post No Bills, the new craft beer house in town.  A phew enjoyable pints led to poor decision-making on the way home that manifested in the phorm of Jack in the Box tacos- whoops!

Let it be noted on the record that I only consumed two…

June sixteenth started with Morningstar Pharm “sausage”.

The staff was pleasantly surprised for lunch by one of our volunteers (who also happens to be one of my most phavorite phoodfotos phollowers) and her child coming in and making us a delicious homemade lunch.

This was my phirst helping…

This was my second helping…

…and this was my cup of homemade soup that went with it.

All was amazingly delicious- quite a talented young chef we’ve got!

Sparky brought me a new spicy treat to try in the afternoon- Tapatio- phlavored Ruffles!  I was supposed to share them but did a pretty poor job of that.

Inspired by our young chef, I made dinner at home that night, which consisted of a phridge stew of sorts.  I roasted a myriad of different things I phound around the kitchen and called it phood.

Not NEARLY as good as everything else I ate that day- I seem to remember picking out the carrots and tossing the majority of the rest.  I am sorely out of shape as a chef.

Something I shall have to remedy now that grad school is done and dusted!

Jemrose Wine Dinner

16 Jun

Ok, phollowers, I dropped off the phace of the Earth for a bit there.

My apologies…

I started May 24th off with some absolutely deeeelicious leftover chicken and noodles.  I had brought it with lunch intentions but my will power only lasted until 11, thus it became breakfast.

For lunch, Hard Hat made me a tasty cheese quesadilla that I graced with ample amounts of Tapatio.

Work BBF’s brainchild- the pancake and bacon mini-cupcake- was an unexpected late afternoon snack.

Not so sure I’d have one again, but the concept was awesome.

Jimmy Crue got the distinct pleasure of joining me for the Jemrose Wine Dinner at Bistro Moulin.

We started with an amazing Crayfish Bisque with phennel phondue and a glass of 2009 Egret Pond Viognier.

We then moved on to a Rabbit Roulade (which was a phirst for me) paired with a 2008 Foggy Knoll Grenache.

Ph-ing awesome.

May 24th also happens to be National Escargot Day, so imagine my delight when I dined on escargot-stuffed bone marrow (also a phirst for me)!  It sort of blew my mind.  The 2009 Cardiac Hill Syrah was tasty, too.

The hanger steak was perfectly cooked and the vegetable tian accented it beautifully, as did the 2008 Gloria’s Gem Proprietary Red.

I may claim to not be much of a dessert person, but if all desserts tasted as good as Chef Didier’s Poached Pear in red wine syrup and Tahitian vanilla ice cream, I’d be singing a different tune.

A VERY special thank you/shout out to Bistro Moulin’s ever lovely Wine Director for allowing me to borrow all of her fotos from the evening.  I had a minor camera malfunction, and she most certainly saved the day!

Can’t wait for the next one…

Noodle Dish, King of All Fatopia

15 May

Sparky had a reward waiting for me when I got back to work on Monday for phinishing my graduate portfolio.

Let it be said that it is not a good thing that I now know these exist.  I put on my big philanthropist pants and gave one chip to each person in the office, but the rest went straight down my gullet pretty darn phast.

For lunch, I went with another coworker (who I’m still working on a nickname for) to Della Rose Deli (which was mentioned in my top ten list that was pheatured in the Weekly last week).

We split a Chipotle Roast Beef Wrap that had roast beef, avocado, peppers, lettuce, tomato and Chipotle sauce in a tomato-basil wrap.  I’d get it with no tomatoes in the phuture, but that’s just me.  Super good!

We also split the B.L.T. & A., partially because everything is better with bacon and partly because I was amused by the name.  I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to phigure out my love for a good gimmick!

(For you non-local phollowers, T & A is the short name for a large agricultural company in the area, and this deli is located in a big ag area of Salinas.  T & A can also stand for, well, you know…)

Work BFF, Sparky and I grabbed dinner at PF Chang’s after doing some shopping for our upcoming Derby party (get excited for that post!)

I had my typical Hot & Sour soup and Work BFF had her typical Chicken Lettuce Wraps, of which I procured one…

I ventured out into the noodle section of the menu.  The concept of becoming intimate with this section of a menu is phairly new to me, as I’ve been a chronic dieter all my life and in the fundamental understanding of all chronic dieters, Noodle Dish is King of all Fatopia (and yes, I just used an F… because fat with a “ph” certainly does not apply in this case).

Since I’ve given up dieting pretty much this year, it’s a whole new world. (Cue the Disney music!)

Now I must say, after all this pomp and circumstance, the Dan Dan Noodles were nothing to celebrate- overly sauced, under phlavored, and definitely lacking the spice for which I was longing.  The cucumbers were a nice addition, however!

Pretty sure it is against American diner etiquette to patronize a Chinese phood restaurant and NOT at least open up the phortune cookie.

And it just leaves a mess for the waiter if you don’t then eat the pieces.

And I would hate to offend.

My phortune said something to the effect of I should be prepared for a significant and exciting career move.

Do we think the cookie speaks the truth?

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