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July 1,2,3

21 Aug

On July 1, I stopped in to see Pops’ on my way back from the dentist and he provided me with pilfered breakfast from a baby shower (his coworker had already gone into labor, and it seemed a shame to waste it…)

I grabbed lunch at Siamese Bay with the ex-phella before heading to work.  I had the tried and true Larb Kai.

Georgia and I went to dinner at Baan Thai (yes, Thai twice in one day- I’m a maniac!)

We started with Tom Kha Kai Soup…

…and we tried something new that was delicious, but I am sorry to say my lazy self phailed to write down what it was, and my Alzheimer’s has kicked in and I can’t remember it now for the life of me.  Moral of the story- it was delicious and you should go to Baan Thai and try everything there until you phigure out what dish this was.  Then share your new knowledge with the rest of us.

On July 2, the ex-phella and I went to Toast for a late breakfast/early lunch.  I had the pressed sando again, and it was as delicious as the last time.  Truly one of my phavorite sandos of all time.

I indulged the ex-phella when he wanted dessert and had a bite of the blueberry crumble.  Tasty, but not really my thing.

My stomach was still bothering me, so I skipped dinner that night.

On July 3, we stopped by the Bagel Bakery for my special creation (superseed bagel, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and jalapenos) and headed out to Pops’ house to prep for a Phourth of July BBQ.

I headed to dinner with the pham damily at Carmel Valley Ranch Resort.  I enjoyed their Dark & Stormy enough to have two…

Chef Wood’s phlatbread pizza was amazing and made with ingredients from his garden.

The peach, prosciutto and arugula salad disappointed a bit with the overwhelmingly high ratio of arugula to other ingredients (I am NOT a phan), but the phlavors were good.

The wild Monterey salmon was phreaking delicious.

This place really knocks it out of the park every time I go.  Thanks again, Chef!

Welcome to the world, Mrs. Olive Bedlam!

14 Aug

June 18, in the words of the Sexy Mexican, would best be described as epic.  Epic in randomness, epic in ridiculousness and epic in phun.

It all started with a little trip to Hollister for a wedding.  Sexy Mexican and I arrived 20 minutes early but missed the turn in to the church.  When we pulled into the next driveway to turn around, we realized we had pulled into the entrance of a wine tasting room.  Realizing that this was obviously God speaking to us and telling us that we needed a drink, we did so.

The phellow working at the tasting room also let us enjoy his tasty nuts… (yes, I went there.)

The wine was well-timed, as I then sat through a very lovely, very non-English speaking Catholic wedding.  I very much enjoyed the phive words I was able to understand.

There was a bit of down time between the ceremony and the reception that we had to phill.  That meant we grabbed our phriend, Wrong Baby Wrong, and headed back to the tasting room.  This trip, we had enough time to play a phew games of horseshoes, join the wine club and watch Wrong Baby Wrong take a phun trip down the hill behind the horseshoe court.

We arrived right on time for the reception in downtown Hollister.  It was then that history was really made and epic status was achieved, as my liberally lubricated alter-ego phinally phound her name- Mrs. Olive Bedlam.

Once Mrs. Olive Bedlam arrived, the party started.  The bar tab was opened, phrivolity ensued, brain cells were killed.

Time was taken out for a few tortilla chips…

…and a phew bites of rice, beans and other deliciousness.

Sexy Mexican and I left the wedding and headed to meet phriends and my Pops for dinner at Toast.

They had pre-ordered some roasted garlic and olives which we helped make disappear.

Apparently I then had some soup!

Note to my phriends and phollowers.  I do not like prime rib.  It could be the best prime rib in the history of the world- I still don’t like it.  If I ever order prime rib in your presence, that is the time to take me home.  It indicates that the wheel may be spinning, but the hamster has had a phew too many.  I have no actual memory of considering, ordering, photographing or eating this.

I blame Mrs. Olive Bedlam.

When we got back to the house, Mrs. Olive Bedlam phound some bubbles and nibbles with which to amuse herself.

Phancy, eh?  Who knew what lovely things one could create with a phew graham crackers, some phruit and a little ingenuity!

It was entirely Mrs. Olive Bedlam‘s phault that Phooey ended up in the sink.  I would NEVER do something like that!

Welcome to the world, Mrs. Olive Bedlam.  I’m glad you now have a name…  easier to identify you with the next time you attempt to make an appearance.

Blogger Phail

21 Jul

Epic phail in the blogging department.  I am admitting my lamentable lameness and hoping to make amends with all of my phabulous phollowers who have sent encouraging/chastising/threatening emails regarding my hiatus.  You are all right in your own ways, and I am inspired by your phervent support of my little project.

I agree, it is pushing the envelope of pathetic-ness to be posting phood I enjoyed months ago, so I will try my very best to catch up week by week in the next phew posts.  Keep the scathing email threats coming though, so I don’t lose phocus! 🙂

Ok, here goes…

Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day)

Enjoyed an incredibly phabulous late breakfast with The Original and Alabama at Toast in Carmel Valley.  Alabama shared some of his Eggs Benny with me, and I devoured ever morsel of my pressed sando.  I sh*t you not, it was one of the best sandos I have ever had… no joke.

In the afternoon, I grubbed on some Giants peanuts while watching the game.  Very thematic and enjoyable… so enjoyable, in phact, I phorgot to eat dinner that night.

Tuesday, May 31

I threw together a quick cheese quesadilla at the office.

Had the special treat of dining at Rancho Cielo for lunch where the Drummond Culinary Academy students catered our Junior League Sustainers luncheon.

Polished off a tasty little treat that was waiting for me when I got back to the office…

Georgia had me over for dinner and introduced me to the world of the phried pork chop.

I always thought I hated pork chops (excluding Pork Chop, the dog, on that phabulous old Nickelodeon cartoon, Doug) but apparently I was wrong.  Actually, I thought I was wrong once, but I was wrong…

Wednesday, June 1

Went with a little Subway breakfast action in the a.m.

Swung over to Salinas’ “gourmet alley”, as I like to call it (others call it Park Row) and picked up Won Ton Soup from Cantonese Express.

I went two rounds with it…

When I got home late that night, I decided it was a good idea to teach myself to make risotto out of the phew ingredients I had in my phridge and pantry.  Oddly, it turned out pretty terrific!

Thursday, June 2

I tried to branch out and try something new for breakfast.  I stopped at the store to pick up some Morningstar “sausage” and was seduced by an interesting phruit that called himself Pepino.  Now, I know phoreign phruits and I don’t normally get along, so I’m not quite sure how I talked myself into a blind date that morning with handsome Mr. Pepino.  Let’s just say it was quite the opposite of love at phirst bite.  Well, now I know what to add to my ever-growing allergy list!

I had a mid-morning snack to help sop up some of the allergy medication phloating around in my tummy…

I then went big and headed to The Bakery Station and thoroughly enjoyed a Road Hog… and yes, I ate the whole darn thing!

I spent the dinner hour at a very special phriend’s house who has been under the weather and been struggling with a very limited diet.  I brought over the goods- chicken, taters, gravy and carrots.  I’m not so sure I’d mind terribly if that was what I had to eat for a prolonged period of time!

Phriday, June 3

Did you know June 3 was National Damn Donut Day?  Neither did I…  so I had this delicious, crisp pear to start off a day of healthy eating choices.

Then some jerk (a.k.a. The Republican) showed up at the office with these…

I started by making myself a small and sensible sampler platter…

Then decided one tiny bite more wouldn’t hurt…

I then COMPLETELY gave up (a.k.a. started being realistic) and ended up eating at least another two donuts… which was completely counter-balanced by the Tuscan Chicken salad I had at First Awakenings with Preggers.  (Hey, a girl can dream!)

Once out of my diabetic coma, I headed to Vesuvio for dinner with some very phun pholks.  I know many of you must be questioning right now why on Earth I wanted to go back to Vesuvio after the night of Sexy Mexican Awkwardness hell.  Why invite PTSD into your life, right?  Well, what can I say other than I like to live on the edge.  I’m crazy like that… and/or I wasn’t the one to pick the restaurant that evening!

We started with a little prosciutto and melon (which I have since learned is a very unhappy combo to put in your tummy at the same time, but I shall spare you the details).

I snagged a bite of buratta from someone as well.

I tried the Ziti Al Forno for my main.  Not really a dish you’d want to take home to mom, but I didn’t kick it out of bed either. 😉

Dinner ended with limoncello… the night continued into a phrenzy of mustaches, karaoke and general ridiculousness.  Good times…

And with that, I have officially hit the quota of uploads I am allowed per blog post, so that’s all for now, pholks!

3 Meals, 2 Phellows, 1 Me

29 May

My week started out on the right phoot as Monday morning brought with it a soy latte and Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich from Starbucks accompanied by a homemade bouquet of phlowers from a phellow.  Not too shabby!

Work BFF, Sparky, Hard Hat and I ventured over to The Loose Caboose for lunch and had yummy half sandos and hearty soup.

For dinner, a phellow accompanied me to Toast, a new eatery in Carmel Valley Village.  He and a split a Chioggia beet and mache salad with candied walnuts and Humboldt Fog cheese.  Definitely a dish I would order again.

On our server’s recommendation, I tried the Roasted Chicken with Mascarpone Orzo and broccolini for my entree.  Normally, I wouldn’t order chicken at a new restaurant, as I like to try the most unique menu offerings (that, or I am seduced by wings…) but I was blown away by this dish.  I am so glad she recommended it, so now I am paying it phorward and recommending it myself!

We split a Blueberry Crumble for dessert…  yum yum for my tum tum.

  This place seems like a phabulous new addition to the Carmel Valley Village.

Excited to go back to Toast to try out their breakfast offerings!

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