I may never eat marshmallows again…

26 Mar

The vodka marshmallow theme continued in the morning, minus the vodka.

Here is the aftermath of my jet-puffed rampage:

The sugar hangover kept me going until dinner time.

I went to Sakura for dinner with someone I hadn’t spent time with in almost a year.

We split some nigiri (inari, maguro and tako) and an order of Chicken Sukiyaki.

The sukiyaki was not what I was expecting- very thick and sweet and phrankly pretty gross.

All sukiyaki I’ve had in the past have been broth based with thin clear noodles, not sugar based with spaghetti grossness.  Maybe the marshmallow aftermath was still in effect, but I think not.  I ate a phew obligatory bites.

I went for a second dinner with my aunt who was in town.  I took her to my phavorite Thai spot- Baan Thai.

I let her do the ordering which led to Pad Thai (which I always enjoy) and Yum Woo Sen, a salad of clear noodles, chicken, squid & vegetables with lime dressing.

Yes, I am aware that pad thai belongs nowhere on the bridesmaid diet, but nor does vodka, or marshmallows or any combination of the three.

So I phailed for the day.  Whatever- sue me.

The Yum Woo Sen was really delicious.

It didn’t have enough kick for my tastes, but the lovely ladies at Baan Thai recognized me and brought me a dish of thai chile, as they knew I’d want them.

My my, how I love this place, and I think the salad might make it into my normal rotation.


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